Virgin: 50Mbps broadband for all next year

Virgin Media's top executive has said that the company will be launching a 50Mbps broadband package in 2008. Speaking at a next-generation broadband summit and reported by Channel 4 News, Virgin's acting CEO Neil Berkett said:

"We'll never know exactly what demand there'll be for super-fast broadband until it's in people's homes and workplaces up and down the UK.

And Berkett was keen to announce Virgin's plans for next year. "[Our] network has a unique potential to revolutionise consumers' experience and we're convinced that 2008 is the moment to take the lead with the commercial launch of a 50Mbps product."

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Multigamer3956d ago

love to see if they can get that near my end

UnblessedSoul3956d ago

That's very intresting indeed should produce some good results

predator3956d ago

im keeping this on the fence, ive had a bad time while wit virgin media, if they cant do 10mbps how on earth can they do 50mbps i will judge when i read the results.

duarteq3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

In Portugal we have ISPs already dealing with Optical Fiber that offers services from 25 to 50 Mbits.

I have 12 mbits ( cable ) and it works just fine. Never had problems.

predator3956d ago

we dont have optical fibre connections with our ISP(well i dont think we have unless thats flown past me at some time), BT own all the phone lines and they are not upgrading their lines till 2009 i think so i cant see how virgin can achieve this on our Lines current state

tonsoffun3955d ago

Virgin Broadband comes from a dedicated cable that is connected to a fibre optic network, hence why it is only available where there is access to the exchanges.

BT broadband goes through the phone line.

MBros3955d ago

NTL/NYNEX (who make up the majority of Virgin's n/w) put in a new network - delivered end to end (i.e. they dig up your garden), so they don't rely on the copper BT network. My BT network is ancient where I live (I can never get more than 2Mbit), but get 10Mbit on Virgin. So 50Mbit 'could' be acheivable.

Not sure how true this holds with the telewest part of Virgin though.

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mighty_douche3956d ago

ill be once of the first inline for this! any clues on pricing? hopefully though this might encourage them to up their lower priced lines, say, 10mg and 20mg.

IntelligentAj3956d ago

I'm fine with my Roadrunner in the US.

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The story is too old to be commented.