Why Resident Evil is the greatest series of all time: ‘anyone who disagrees has no common sense’

George Holt on how '...all other games stay inferior to Resident Evil' and how it's a 'definite necessity to any gamer with taste'

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GunofthePatriots2442d ago

I can think of 5 better franchises.

Relientk772441d ago

I can think of more than 5, but you are right.

Venox20082442d ago

1. Metal gear series
2. mario
3. Silent hill
4. Resident evil
5. metroid

RedDead2441d ago

I love RE, I love Metal Gear and FF more

mamotte2441d ago

I dont have common sense.

Relientk772441d ago

I was gonna say that too lol

rezzah2441d ago

Anyone who mentions that another doesn't have "common sense" is a fool. To have common sense is to be closed to only what you perceive as the one and only norm. Thing is there are no singular human norms as norms are based on perception from person to person or from different groups.

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The story is too old to be commented.