World of Warcraft Loses Another 800K Subs In Three Months

Activision Blizzard's popular MMO World of Warcraft is continuing to shed subscribers, though a new promotional strategy is expected to help pick up the slack soon.

As of September 30, the game stood at 10.3 million players, Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime revealed Tuesday in a Gamasutra-attended conference call. This is down nearly a million from the 11.1 million reported three months prior, and significantly less than a peak of 12 million subscribers just last year.

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Darkwatcher2446d ago

Well the game came out on 2004 and some people just got bored and probably did everything you had to do in the game.

Virus2012446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Yup. It was definitely the pandas.

Montrealien2446d ago

eitherway, people still play EQ 1 and there highest ever was what 1 millions subs? yeah, WoW is here for quite a while still.

ATi_Elite2446d ago

Only 10.3 million gamers paying $15 a month to play World of "Free Money" Warcraft! (10.3m * 15 = $154,500,000 in profit every month for Blizzard and close to $2 Billion yearly)

Awwww lets all cry and have a pity party for Blizzard! WOW is such a failure lately. PC Gaming just doesn't make any money. PC Gaming is so dead! seriously what company can survive on a lousy $2 Billion in yearly PROFIT from one game.

Lets all tie our PC's to our ankles and jump into the ocean cause the PC Gaming party is over. End sarc/

I'm sure when Mists of Pandaria releases the subscriptions will go back up to 12 or even 13 million. Although it's just a sign of Rift and the upcoming Star Wars and Guild Wars 2 plus about a 100 other AAA MMO's cutting into WOW's market share.

after 7 years of kicking total arse without competition the mighty WOW is seeing some stiff competition but this drop always happens right before an expansion then the numbers go right back up.

WOW is the unstoppable force in video gaming!

shikamaroooo2446d ago

It's not that much they make. They still have to pay for labour, servers, constant workers etc. But still they are racking millions

ChrisW2446d ago

Thanks for the warning of extreme sarcasm... Otherwise we would've unabashedly taken you seriously. Almost as serious as saying that image #13 is the only reason to spend $7,000 on a PC... almost.

BTW, I gave you an "agree" vote.

TheIneffableBob2446d ago

While WoW is still very much alive, you have to accept that it has already hit its peak. Sub numbers will rise when Mists of Pandaria releases but a few months afterwards, subs will steadily decrease year-over-year. Blizzard knows this and that is why they're working on their next MMO crack, Titan.

aviator1892446d ago

It's either the pandas or puberty.

C_Menz2446d ago

I doubt they are really concerned since WoW raked in mountains of cash for them over the years. Plus they have been working on their next big MMO for quite a while now and most likely it will be revealed either in 2012 or 2013.

Drake1172446d ago

knowing blizz and the ridiculous amounts of time it takes them to release games. Revealed 2013 released 2016 lol.

GrumpyVeteran2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

It almost seems like their new titan MMO will come around just in time when people are sick and tired of WoW lol.

Then another ~8 years of crap before the next one.

activision are the masters of same shit different day, cod, wow etc.

admiralthrawn872446d ago

n4g people only comment on negative wow news. positive or new wow info is empty on the forum

yet it has created countless hours of enjoyment for millions of gamers. way fewer people hate it than love it.

same for COD. stop bitching, it gets you nowhere.

Letros2446d ago

Funny thing is, an N4G moderator created this article, haters gonna hate.

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