Miyamoto: The Interview by Next Generation

He is riding high on the deserved success of Super Mario Galaxy. Next Generation wanted to know, what does the master, Shigeru Miyamoto think about how other entertainment media have influenced his work on the Mario games? Next Generation spoke to gaming's most illustrious designer…

In this exclusive interview, the creator of Mario talks about his most famous creation, and adds his thoughts on why Hollywood doesn't always get it right with movie adaptations. He also talks about why Wii has been such an overwhelming success.

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lynx1halo3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

that is one of the greatest pictures ive ever seen LOL he looks like the JESUS of NINTENDO

Astro3800d ago

He created the best rated game of the decade. Kudos Shiggy

BrotherNick3800d ago

If you hate miyamoto you hate videogames.

ChickeyCantor3800d ago (Edited 3800d ago )

"the character was originally just called Junkman, but what we found out was that the people had started to call him Mario."

voice: heavy
saying on Wii-channel title:

Bull5hifT3800d ago

i Guess miyamoto Never Used Drugs

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