Sony Covering Up Existence of Special Bioshock Infinite Move Accessory

Sony attempts to cover up the existence of a new Bioshock Infinite peripheral.

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Hellbound19782416d ago

I would just like some "official" confirmation as to whether the original Bioshock is gonna be on the Infinite Blu-ray. That way I could sell my old copy...And if it does I hope they add all the DLC with it (I can dream).

qwertyz2412d ago

still won't look near as good as the pc version LOL the devs said their new engine would take full advantage of consoles and better advantage of pc hardware which is already over a generation ahead of consoles :p

With the move support the ps3 version will be better than the 360 version because it will offer more ways to play they both look the exact same judging by gameplay videos I so of each of the console versions