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"...Call of Duty is the master of fun."

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finbars752176d ago

Sorry this game is no where's a 10/10.Maybe a 8/10 sounds more still feels to similar to the last two CODs with nothing really new to get me that excited.

DoctorXpro2176d ago

8/10 or a 76/100 theres no CoD game whit better maps than CoD4

franko2176d ago

Another rewiever on acivisions payrole...

digger182176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

omg, give it a rest already. You lot are in every single good scoring MW3 review, b!tching like little kids. Millions of people are loving this game, so get over it.

Goeres2176d ago

That's true. But this franchise game will never evolve when the reviewers ain't talking their reviews seriously.

Where's the nitpicking? The 'outcry' for innovation? Like all the other FPS developers have to hear and bear.

NarooN2176d ago

That doesn't mean this game is a 10/10. I don't even think that's a valid opinion, as the game does literally nothing revolutionary or new. It's just an expansion pack for MW2.

Uncharted 2? Half-Life 2? Yeah, games like THOSE deserve 10/10's and the numerous GOTY awards they got since they were actually fucking revolutionary. CoD isn't.

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