Sleeper Hits of 2008: Brutal Legend, InFamous and Borderlands

Another month to go before some of the biggest names in the community make one of their most stellar and anticipated comebacks. Snake's family saga over a nuclear equipped Mech is deemed to finally get an ending (?), Liberty City welcomes you back with open arms and let's crime take its toll.

Final Fantasy hits XIII, Ryu's back with gore, vengeance and violence, and the Super Smash series is all set to be a smashing hit, this list goes on and on and on and on. But what happens to games that have not exactly been under the spotlight and are yet gearing up to become one of the best gaming experiences in years to come. These games have not exactly been picked up by the marketing scanner to propel them into unimaginable heights.

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gamesblow3917d ago

The lead character in Infamous has to be the most generic, most uninspired, most absurd looking lead in many years. I can only think of 1 worse... Only 1 with enough [email protected] behavior behind him to out do Sucker Punch's lead in Infamous... and that would be the guy from Haven. that was the worst videogame character ever. I mean, ever! He was so bad... I mean I'd rather be fisted in the ass without lube than to play as that guy again. that's how bad he was.

However, I think this guy might take the cake. I really was hoping for more out of the team that brought us Sly Cooper.... a franchise based around incredibly cool characters. Go figure... We get RAG from HARDBODIES to play as. What a piece a' damn joke!

Skerj3917d ago

LMAO that guy from Haven WAS bad (the game is on my floor right now bought for 2 bucks). He looks like a cross between a leprechaun and Riley from The Boondocks. In any case I'm hoping InFamous is good, it's going up against Prototype, ironically they both managed to have the same setting and are coming out next year. I already called Brutal Legend being a sleeper hit next year, hoping for Borderlands as well. Heavy Rain should be another one but that isn't listed.

PStriple7033917d ago

i'm def lookin forward too this

MK_Red3917d ago

Brutal Legend will ROCK 2008. Schafer + Metal = nuff said.

Skerj3917d ago

Brutal Legend is setting itself up to be one of the greatest open world games of all time. If Radical follows through on their Prototype ambitions we have 2 open world juggernauts going at it. If InFamous and Borderlands deliver as well then double that number. I'd list GTAIV but I'm pretty sure it's going to be stuff we've seen and done before, just slightly altered for this gen, the same for Saint's Row 2. I'm getting both games but the previous 4 seems like they're trying to push the freeroam further than the rest.

MK_Red3917d ago

True. We could have 4 extremely good open-world games.

I never liked original Saints Row and the sequel seems really the same. GTA4 still has chance to be more than a graphical update.
I rally want Prototype to be uber great but I heard some negative stuff from a preview. As for InFamous and Borderlands, they both have adept and great teams behind them.
Also, let's not forget that Fallout 3 is also kinda open world. Not as big as Oblivion in size but still big and open. War NEVER changes :)

Skerj3917d ago

Ahh you're right, Fallout 3 indeed. Somehow that slipped my mind for open world games and went into RPG land. I don't mind if it's not near Oblivion in size, I can guarantee you I'll have way more fun with that than I ever had and will have with Oblivion. I don't like traditional western/euro fantasy stuff that much.

MK_Red3916d ago

Agreed. I'm already really hoping to have much more fun with Fallout 3. I actually prefer Morrowind to Oblivion. BUT this is Fallout and it HAS to go way beyond them both combined.
Please God, help Bethesda with F3 and don't let them screw it up.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3917d ago


This will be the biggest surprise YET, of this GEN.

Suckerpunch was made for this game.

ironically this game is made by Suckerpunch. lol.


if your sleeping on this game.

WAKE the F&&K UP.

Panthers3917d ago

I forgot all about InFamous. Looked awesome. Cant wait.

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