Fight Night Champion Arrives on PSN; New Pricing Model Offers Modes Separately

Modes from EA Sports' Fight Night Champion being offered individually for a fraction of the price of the complete product. Is this a look at how games will be offered through digital-distribution channels in the future?

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BitbyDeath2109d ago

Fight Night would be so much better if they put that First person view back in and include Move support.

How they have not cashed in on that yet is beyond me. SMH

ABizzel12108d ago

I don't understand it either. They put it in the first PS3 game, then take it out, when there are peripherals (Move and Kinect could as well) that suit the mode perfectly.

That being said, I called this type of pricing model long, long ago. It just makes sense. Once your game has sold it's $60 and drops to the $40 / $30, then sell the game in separate pieces $20 online, $10 single player so people can continue to play as a cheaper option.