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Another "perfect" score?

Still not sold on all these "perfect" scores when such a huge component of the game is multiplayer and people have only been playing a very short while.

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consolez_FTW2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

"The Call of Duty franchise has always raised the bar when it comes to visuals in an FPS"

Are you kidding me? The reviewer who did this review COULDN'T have played any other FPS besides the COD series...or any other game for that matter judging by this review. is this again?

"Raises the bar for Video game Fps sound"

Somebody get this man a 7.1 surround system and a copy of BF3.ASAP!!

MajorJackHoff2354d ago

This proves that Canadians are terrible.

lol just playing, but still it's funny.

BattleTorn2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I know! It's as if he's never played anything else, or only plays COD once (to review) every November.

I'd argue Homefront had better visuals/sound that the COD titles I've played to date. (that's meant to exagerate, considering HF wasn't well received)

Did he have anything relatively negative to say? (to put the 100/100 perfection in perspective)

I don't know how all these review rave over MW3 being, yet again for COD, the best shooter to date; yet not even remotely mention the 're-hashing' that the franchise that 'coined' for continual success.

Majin-vegeta2354d ago

* but alas it remains the same engine. That being said, in no way does it seem to be showing its age.

Umm yea i'm gonna have to call bs on that you gotta be pretty blind not to see that crappy engine is showing it's age.

*Another improvement is the incredibly realistic weapon sounds.

Oh god plz stop im dying from laughter the gun sounds they make are rehashed they are nowhere near realistic xD.

Articles a joke.

Hufandpuf2354d ago

I was playing black ops last night, and if mw3 is running on that engine, the series is dead. Seriously, it was like playing goldeneye when it first came out.

OcularVision2354d ago

Don't worry, it doesn't run on the exact same engine as Black Ops... it runs on the MW2 engine from 2 years ago :D

Genghis2354d ago

Just finished the single player. It was fun.

Parapraxis2354d ago

Purchase Validated!

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