GameShark: Uncharted 3 Review

Uncharted 3 isn’t a bad game, there’s plenty of visual style and action to be seen, the characters are likeable, and there are a few puzzles that will make you think. The problem is that Uncharted 3 sometimes doesn’t feel like a game at all, but a movie I’m watching play out without my participation.

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MsclMexican2267d ago

sigh... im giving up on metacritic and gamerankings. Why are the low review scores of uncharted being added, but the numerous high scores are not even added. I officially give up

trouble_bubble2267d ago

Now the pretentious reviews have come out from dorks like this guy that says there's not enough gameplay & its more like watching a movie. It aint Heavy Rain numbnuts, it's all gameplay. Game shows a dramatic angle or animation of Drake falling & he calls it a movie with not enough control? He FELL you idiot, what you wanna wiggle the analog stick everytime a charachter farts, lol. We supposed to move their mouths to make them talk now? STFU.

But yeah its odd how this s*#% drops the meta like that yet the Official US Playstation Magazine 10/10 released last week still hasn't posted.

2267d ago
MsclMexican2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

I dont mind his reasons. Im just annoyed at how these aggregate sites work, I mean there are over 200 reviews, and they only tabulate 30 and 68, and what makes even less sense is that they always seem to include all the lowest scores.

I honestly think that metacritic is garbage. Look at Arkham city on ps3, it is somehow better than the 360 version... they are not different games and they are not superior on a certain console. Seriously after the AV club review, meta just kept pilling on the 80-70 scores. I really dont understand why some sites are "approved" and others are not.

Review scores seem like accolades of a game, and if you are going to aggregate use all the scores rather than some.

Honestly, the Uncharted 2 meta has 100+ reviews, but they don't even have 100+ critics on their site, I mean seriously. It is a shame that people use metacritic to score, and it is a shame that these "approved" reviewers are having their voices heard rather than the many others


Actually scratch what I said, I honestly just hate reviews. I hate GOTY's, I hate scores. Honestly, it is fine to have an opinion, to judge a game for what it is. But what I hate is the fact that they add a score underneath. I mean why? Can't we just say games are good/bad? Reviews just seem to make fanboys and fuel arguments.

I know uncharted is a great game, definite contender for GOTY, but metacritic just keeps making me feel like the game is not good enough. When the game had a 94, I hoped reviews would bump the score to 95, when the AV club review came out, I hoped the score would return to 94, but now I want the score to come up to 93 again. Metacritic and Gamerankings are ruining games for me.

I wish reviews were just opinion pieces, just one persons opinion, not scores.

miyamoto2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

This is from the same guy who gave U3 a 4/10.... manthis guy is begging for clicks
anyways who cares about meta critic scores when the majority has unanimously praised and upheld U3 in the highest regard among the hreatest games evermade.

Focus2266d ago

Because those sites do not have metacritic profiles. They won't add just because they gave uncharted 3 a score you like

Papertiger2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Today only two scores were included in metacritic and both were 7.5's yet there were at least 15-20 scores that were 9 or higher that have been released and weren't included. Metacritic is a DEEPLY flawed system that shouldn't be taken into any major account whatsoever.

Hicken2267d ago

The interesting thing is that all the most intense parts of the game have been parts where I'm controlling Drake. It may have the feel of a Hollywood blockbuster, but you get to act out all the best parts of the movie. Exactly what do people find wrong with that?

Rhythmattic2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Opps, wrong post...

Rhythmattic2267d ago

Just look at N4G's Meta score... 238 of them (as of now) and the game is a 94.

Metacritic ... im a meta-cynic.

2266d ago