Infinity Ward Drops the Ban Hammer on Cheaters and Boosters in MW3

MP1st - "In an attempt to mitigate cheating and boosting in Modern Warfare 3, Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, has announced that Infinity Ward is starting round one of the banning process."

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Simco8762358d ago

Did they hire Sandy Ravage as the enforcer?

Mister_V2358d ago

And Jason Statham with his insane knife throwing skills.

Criminal2358d ago

There's a popular Call of Duty commentator called Sandy Ravage. ;)

princejb1342358d ago

good, thats what i wanted

SKUD2358d ago

I'm sure they mean Treyarch. Not IW.

gamingdroid2358d ago

Ban those cheaters, permanently!!!