BF3 – Suppressed Weapon Bug, More Back to Karkand and Patch Details, Tac Light Nerfed

MP1st - "More details about an upcoming patch as well as the Back to Karkand expansion pack for Battlefield 3 are being released."

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Hufandpuf2266d ago

Good thing they are addressing what us fans have been complaining about. They still have a way to go to make the game shine though.

Criminal2266d ago

I hope they address the mortars too.

-Alpha2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

The biggest flaw IMO is definitely the INRV at the moment. It's going to be used by every single person when they unlock it. There are really no repercussions.

It makes no sense that a sniper has glint but an INRV user can spot a sniper miles away and kill him with INRV. It needs to be seriously toned down, you shouldn't be able to see so well in light and it should take longer to scope in when ADSing

Tapioca Cold2266d ago

You sniping pussy. I can hear you whining. Snipers are just pussies who ruin the team aspects of the game. I'm out there gettin shit done (and dying) while you pussies are hiding in the grass and not goin after the objective. Go play COD!!!!

SJPFTW2266d ago

nothing wrong with mortars. Played the game for 48 hours and only get killed by mortars like 5 times. Stop camping is my tip

Mister_V2266d ago

They just need to make it so that you cannot deploy mortars in your own spawn. They should have to move up before deploying.

-Alpha2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

I agree completely. People are hiding in their base and spamming like crazy.

I don't know if the MAV can go into the enemy base, but that's the only real counter I can think of right now.

SJPFTW2266d ago

i agree with that maybe lower its range a bit

Its_That_Purp2266d ago

how in the hell does a tac light blind you in broad daylight

Its_That_Purp2266d ago

the conquest flags need fixes to as the keep going for the enemy when your layin right on it

Legionaire20052266d ago

Hope they address that bug in the second to last mission where you can't shoot that guy that come down the steps. he will always end up killing you making the game impossible to finish. Its like a While Loop that's not coded properly. Yes I am taking Programming classes.

Da One2266d ago

uh well.....that wouldn't be a while loop...

Legionaire20052266d ago

A Loop repeats itself so yeah it is one. Like I said its a bug thatb repeats it self.

Da One2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

yeah a loop repeats itself, and right now you seem to be stuck in a loop not of not being able to kill that one guy.

However for some (cause god knows this game is kind of buggy)of us this loop does not exist, i would chalk this up a personal problem, and not an infinite loop(although it is too you...and probably many others).

**** it's a loop

Also Programming is fun i hope you enjoy it...

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