New Call of Duty Confirmed For 2012, Modern Warfare 3 Receives Most Day-One Shipments

Today, November 8th 2011, Modern Warfare 3 hit the stands and now Activision has released that Modern Warfare 3 has received the largest day-one shipments in the gaming history.

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vickysud2325d ago ShowReplies(3)
Muffins12232325d ago

How is this even news,cause i already knew there gonna make a call of duty for 2012,2013,2014,2015 so i guess i can write 4 articles about it!!!!1

Double_Oh_Snap2325d ago

Is anybody surprised lol. If you were publishing COD this is business 101 a year before the new one is done. Unfortunate really, because it would be nice to see what COD could really be with a little innovation an tech. Oh well COD 4 was greatness everything else after was just sameness, still fun though.

iamnsuperman2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Well it could be going the way of three developers working on their own CODs (that if the rumours are true). This could be a promising prospect because what is the likelihood of a full team at sledge hammer working with a full team at infinity.I suspect the only reason for the two to be working together on this one is because of the fiasco with people getting fired.

Double_Oh_Snap2325d ago

You do realize treyarch is also COD dev an there well into development. This is not a promising prospect is the same ordeal over an over little mechanic here some new tweaks there wala new COD. It's sad because there fun but do you have any idea what a new engine, development time, and innovation could do for this franchise?

Gamer-Z2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )


That's what i and many other people have been saying all along. If i criticize COD its not because i hate it or want to see it fail on the contrary i just want to see it improve that's all but even saying that your aromatically labeled a hater by the COD community.

Magnus2325d ago

Don't really need news about a new COD confirmed for next year I am sure every gamer out there who plays the game knows it comes out every year. Don't know what else they can do with the franchise WW2 has been done Vietnam has been done and Modern times have been done.

OcularVision2325d ago

How about a shooter based in the future, like say, in 2142? I'm sure something like that hasn't been done before.

OcularVision2325d ago

WW1 was pretty boring. It was basically some dudes in trenches and using ancient rifles because most of Europe hadn't been in a major war since the Napoleonic wars.

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The story is too old to be commented.