New Xbox 360 successor rumors: Possible codename, launch time frame, more

New Xbox 360 successor rumors have emerged from TWiT.TV.

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fluffydelusions2419d ago

Holiday 2012? OK, yes please.

coolbeans2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I'd personally like to have it release later. We're still seeing devs push the console further with a wider variety of technically and artistically amazing-looking games, through both retail and arcade/indie releases.

zeeshan2419d ago

Well to be honest, I believe that even though we are getting great games but consoles especially 360 has come to a point where they have started to force developers from implementing their ideas the way that they want to. M$ needs to adapt the BluRay technology ASAP. I am sure that the devs have the tools and the desire to do something even better and that unfortunately can not be done using the current gen consoles.

Look at the difference between the PC and console versions of Battlefield 3. It's quite clear that the current gen consoles are already out dated. Sadly the different between PC and consoles will always be there as consoles keep evolving like what? Every 6 months?

One more thing that we are all forgetting is that sooner than later, all the mobile devices are going to pretty much catch up with HD consoles. Nintendo, Sony and M$ can't allow for the mobile technology to become more powerful than console tech. We are heading into a future that you will be able to hook up your cellphone with your TV and play all these games in their HD glory. Consoles don't need to compete with PC tech but they definitely need to have a technological advantage over cell phones.

I believe that this whole 10 years life cycle is not going to help us. We should see a new generation console every 5 years and Nintendo, Sony and M$ should keep the cost down so that we can afford to buy them easily at launch instead of coughing up $600. They need to build an ecosystem where consoles are with in our reach on launch so we can feel at ease moving to the next gen ever 5 years. These are my thoughts but I'd love to hear what the rest of the gamers think.

TheDarkness2419d ago

Thats why im not buying shit for my 360.. New console less than a year away

XDF2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

It is more than likely backward compatible, so all your current X360 games will work on the new console. I don't get your logic

TheDarkness2419d ago

So i suppose ill be playing last gen games wen i can play 1080p native games on the next console.. -_-

yesmynameissumo2419d ago

Until they confirm it, I wouldn't hold out for it. The 360 only plays a handful of the Xbox 1's games. It will probably be BC in the sense you can download XBLA, Games on Demand, etc. but popping in a DVD may not work.

darthv722419d ago

sure it will. Unless they have no optical drive what so ever. Im pretty sure it is also more than a handful of games. More than quite a few handfuls to be precise:

yesmynameissumo2419d ago

Compared to the entire library, sorry man, it is a handful. And unless they emulate each game like they had to do with Xbox 1 (then kill off the emulation), I stand behind my previous statement.

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XDF2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Ok, what ever fits your bill. You can wait while i'll enjoy Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Halo 4 and GTAV in the meantime.

5119ent2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

With gta coming out.....i dobt it

EliteDave932419d ago

True dat! Rockstar would not have announced V now if next gen consoles were almost here they would of waited.

Double_Oh_Snap2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Seems odd I would love new consoles, but didn't Ubisoft announce R6P (Rainbow Six Patriots) scheduled for 2013. Gameinformer is running cover for it next month, and Crytek UK is working on homefront 2 for 2013. Guillermo Del Toro's Insane is also looking at 2013.

So why would these publishers be looking to release when this cycle is over, I know people will say PS2 sold hardware an software like crazy while PS3 was out. Granted though were in a much different generation and to me it doesn't seem to viable. Unless of course development switched to next gen.

Raider692419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

They can release those games on the new console too!Frankly i was expecting this,M$ knows that Nintendo WII U is a treat,and the solution they have is releasing the new xbox the most close possible to WII U release.Not to mention that some rumour are already stating that the WII U is indeed a new generation machine and that the latest dev kits are way more powerful than the first release kits for devs.That and the announce that Nintendo delay the release of the WII U for after the E3 2012 for the single purpose of showing the full specs WII U machine at E3 and make some skeptical jaws drop on the floor .So M$ move has expected.

Double_Oh_Snap2419d ago

Very interesting we'll see, very exciting none the less.

CaptainMarvelQ82419d ago

With the 360 still selling well,I don't think Microsoft would release ,or even announce it that soon. Because it would plummet the current number of sales,there would be no reason in buying it.

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