CONFIRMED: Skyward Sword Text Dump Leaked! Full Story Revealed!

It's a known fact that people are tearing through the data in Skyward Sword to extract various things - so far we've seen musical samples and of course tons of video, but now we've stumbled upon something huge: an alleged dump of the Skyward Sword game text. Now, it's not a complete dump - it's just a list of the various "major objectives" you'll encounter throughout the game - but it's still an overview basically every step of the main plot.

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mike1up2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )


I know that i should not have read that, but i just could not resist. I hate surprises, and there are things that i simply must know.

I appreciate the post, but, there simply has to be more! There is nothing in here about Zelda becoming a princess, and the sheikah are not even mentioned. Sidequest perhaps?

However it is nice to know that the 3 Goddesses are introduced in Skyward Sword. IMO this supports the argument of Ocarina of Time predating The Minish Cap.

kingdavid2390d ago

This type of stuff shouldnt be submitted as "news".

Yodagamer2389d ago

Must not read, must not read O.o it is so tempting

Venox20082389d ago

I'll better play the game when it releases..

Tanir2389d ago

zelda's stories can always be summarized in a few words, and normally its the same summary.

we will see how much different this one gets

Kisama2389d ago

Guess I'll have to stay off the internet for a while.