Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Installation Size, Optimized for HDD

Today details on the installation size for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary have been shared.

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VictoriousB132176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Way more hyped for this than CoD. Can't wait.

SockeyBoy2176d ago

Haha same here man, got the day off for this one!

BinaryMind2175d ago

I hear ya. Every one will have forgotten about MW3 by this time next year, but people will be playing Halo: CE through the ages.

thrasherv32176d ago

This is going to be weird picking this one up 10 years after picking it up the first time.

cl19832176d ago

I wonder if Gamestop will have some of these setup for pre-release play.