Reaching New Heights: The World of Skyrim

Bethesda writes:
Welcome to the third installment of the Skyrim team diaries. Follow along as we get to know the Bethesda Game Studios team -- here and on the accompanying podcasts -- with each entry bringing new details on the process of creating the most ambitious entry in The Elder Scrolls series yet.

The podcast is included inside the link. An additional video can be found below.

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MasterD9192446d ago

What size install are we looking at here?

MajorJackHoff2446d ago

Over 9 thou.... You know what, no. I'm not going to say it.

vil3112446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

From what I've heard, its around 3.8 GB
Not sure though

Edit: Check Solidus187's link below.

JohnApocalypse2446d ago

Well Battlefield 3's texture pack was nearly 2 gigs so expect something like that

Solidus187-SCMilk2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

yeah it was surprisingly low from what I remember hearing.

Yup vil311 is exactly right, it is only 3.8 GB.

Its interesting to see developers implementing higher rez textures for those who instal. Installing on 360 used to only really improve performance now its improving visuals too. Im guessing if they used the better textures without the HD there would be alot of late loading textures.

MasterD9192446d ago

Thanks for the tip! I am really surprised that its that small...I was definitely expecting it to be larger than that.

Hard drive space is an issue for me and I'm sure the install actually matters a whole lot for this game.

european_cannon2446d ago

This story is completely false! There is absolutely NO "texture pack" for the 360 version of Skyrim.

Where is the link to a developer saying that? People already have the 360 version in hand and have confirmed there is NO "texture pack". Who comes up with this stuff?

Domer252446d ago

You're right....agreed
There is no texture pack...fact.

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Gam3rSinceBiRTH2446d ago

Hard drive cleared and ready to slay me some dragons!

DrRobotnik2446d ago

I guess this will be the norm for 360. It's starting to show its age.

megacheak2446d ago

On the basis of your thinking, it turns out that the PS3 is out of date even at the start (because there are so many games require installation on hard disk). Personally, I think it's very good that the developers have used the opportunity to install the game on the Xbox 360 hard drive that would improve the graphics quality and performance. The only mistake made ​​here Microsoft - selling versions of the console without a hard drive.

theonlylolking2446d ago

No, games like god of war 3, uncharted 2, killzone 3, etc... do not have any texture install and they have better textures than the 360 does with texture installs.

Devs that did not know how to properly make games on the PS3 had those installs. This late in a console's life installs are coming up ARE showing its age. With the PS3 the lack of understanding by devs is what caused installs NOT age.

kaveti66162446d ago

"and they have better textures than the 360 does with texture installs."

Maximum texture resolution for PS3 games is 512 by 512, exactly the same as for 360 games.

What you see in games like Uncharted and God of War are hand-drawn textures that are wrapped around the object rather than the procedurally generated textures. Considering that both of those games are viewed in third person, you can't really get close enough to the objects in most cases to see the texture quality diminish. There are a couple of scenes in both Uncharted 3 and God of War 3 where the characters squeeze their way through walls, and you can clearly see how blurry the textures look, while from afar they look very detailed. It's an old trick.

The Blu-Ray can hold more higher resolution textures than 360 can, but those textures are still 512 by 512, and neither the 360 nor the PS3 can run anything higher than that because of the RAM limitations.

Perjoss2446d ago

You're right, both consoles are starting to show their age, but that has not stopped many multi platform games getting 9+ scores this year, nobody can say its been a bad year in gaming.

Devs always find new ways to squeeze niceness from hardware.

DrRobotnik2446d ago

......who said anything bout ps3.A little defensive maybe?

XDF2446d ago

There is no manadatory or texture pack for Skyrim. I do not know where this nit of information is coming from.

I will be installing Skyrim on my HDD though because this game will be in my trey for a long time.

megacheak2446d ago

I gave an argument about PS3, to show that there is no connection between installing the game on the hard disk and the age of the console. Both consoles show their age. Just your statement was more of a reproach in the direction of the Xbox 360.

DrRobotnik2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

My only argument about age was that, maybe its time for some new hardware.Did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings. Yes both systems are showing their age. But I highlighted 360 because that was the topic of this article.I think this story is false any way's.

Chuk52446d ago

When did Bethesda confirm this?

s8skanna2446d ago

This is what I want to know. I have never heard of this before now.

Clayman2446d ago

Yeah I haven't heard anything about this before either. Where exactly did they get this information from? Not that I wouldn't mind a high-res install.

european_cannon2446d ago

This story is completely misleading. There is NO "texture pack" for Skyrim on the 360.

The rumor is the 360 version has a bug where if you install the game to the HDD textures actually stream slower then from the disc. I know it sounds dumb but its the truth...unlike this story.

Bigpappy2446d ago

Doesn't really matter to me. I just want it to work on the 360. Can't take the waiting, its killing me. When I come in here, I just seek out Skyrim info and at the same time try not to get too much of it. It feels like I am a little kid on Christmas day. I think my expectations are way to high, but it is too late now, to bring them down. Atleast I relize I could end up being dissapointed. But, I really hope I would be.

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