The Best Improvement from Uncharted 2 to Uncharted 3

Ever since the beginning of the series, Uncharted has been one to strive for. They have always been known for their witty, smart ass characters, supreme graphical intuition, and most off all how fun they are (If I may be blunt).With the changes seen between Uncharted and Uncharted 2, everyone was obviously expecting a lot when it came to the series' third installment. Even outside of the obvious improvements (Graphics, story, etc), Uncharted 3 also brought us an improved melee system, and improved realism that really set the game over the top.

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CynicalVision2420d ago

'Uncharted is not a game that needs an ultimately crafted final boss that is extremely difficult to beat.'

I am SO happy that ND decided against a final boss fight, Lazarevic from Uncharted 2 was a complete pain and boss fights don't quite feel suited to a game like Uncharted.

MsclMexican2420d ago

Agreed. Im actually confused that people were complaining about the lack of a boss fight. It seems that after all these years of gaming, gamers feel entitled to a final boss as a means to end the game.

Also, Im getting annoyed at reviewers saying fighting is a step up from quick time events. Play on hard/ crushing. Those prompts are gone forcing you to memorize enemy movements. Nd did not want the action to be ruined by players constantly failing, so those triangle circle prompts are a good addition for people just playing for the story

MysticStrummer2420d ago

That's funny I didn't even notice the lack of a final boss. Great game all around.

MelonSaurus2420d ago

I don't really agree with this article. I think that the boss fights in Uncharted 1 and 2 were substantial and fit pretty well. There was an interesting aspect especially, to Uncharted 1, where I thought I would be fighting Roman at the end of the game, and there was a nice twist. Uncharted 2 lacked that, but had many twists and turns leading up to the inevitable battle with Lazarovitch to make up for it. As for the boss battles themselves, I thought they were fair. The difficulty level was infuriating but captivating at the same time. It was a very strong end to the game, and made me work my ass off for the last moments leading up to my crushing trophy. Uncharted 3 lacked this. I was shocked that the game was over, because I was expecting a fast-paced boss battle at the end like its two predecessors. Don't get me wrong, U3's "final boss battle" was okay, but I didn't die once. Maybe I'm just weird like that, but the lack of difficulty there annoyed me, and made me feel like something was missing.

GTRrocker2419d ago

Great game. Uncharted 2 is better in story and action though. Uncharted 3 was good, but it seemed like the story could have been fleshed out more.