Forget the Plushy Dragonborn Helmets, This Is What You Should Wear When Playing Skyrim

With $10, cardboard, and lots of hot glue you can have your own authentic Dragonborn Helmet.

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DarkBlade46582264d ago

Wow 15 hours...he must really be trying to kill time waiting for skyrim

TheBlackMask2264d ago

OR......and stay with me on this one

Bethesda could open up their own shop and start selling them, they make money, we don't need to waste 15 hours on it....everyone wins.

lifesanrpg2264d ago

except they charge $250 for it in a special edition version of the collector's edition.

MsclMexican2264d ago

and horse armor... you cant forget the horse armor

TheSanchezDavid2264d ago

But the plush one is cuter. =/

kcuthbertson2264d ago

Well..idk about that but it will definitely keep you warmer haha.

Bolts2264d ago

The plushy helmet looks a lot more comfortable.

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