Greenpeace: Say Nintendo (0.0) Eat Dolphins And Kill Pandas For Sport, Sony Good (7.3), MS Not So Good (2.7)

Greenpeace have just released their sixth "Guide to Greener Electronics", which looks at electronics manufacturers and grades them according to how environmentally sound their manufacturing and product recycling processes (ie how they dispose of outdated technology) are. Where's this start getting relevant to you? For the first time the report covers thew manufacturers of games consoles, so Microsoft and Nintendo have for the first time come up for inspection alongside trusty old warhorse Sony. So how'd they all do?

Probably benefiting from the fact they produce a whole range of stuff, have been doing so for a long time and as such had to go through this kind of malarkey before, Sony use few toxic components in their gear, and have a good recycling/takeback policy on old stuff. Final Greenpeace score: a very healthy 7.3/10

Microsoft didn't do as well. Apparently they have a "long timeline" for the elimination of toxic chemicals from their manufacturing process, and also have a "poor" takeback policy and practice. Do try and keep your jokes to a minimum on that one, thanks. Final Greenpeace score: a miserable 2.7/10.

Nintendo? Oh Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo. You lied to us. You're awful. A joke. Or would be, if Greenpeace joked about this kind of thing, instead of frowning and tutting and generally being upset. Across the board they've got no idea, and failed every single category they were being assessed on. Indeed, things are so bad for the clean, wholesome family fun merchants that they're the first "global brand" in the history of the report to score zeros across every single assessable category. Final Greenpeace score: 0/10

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Brainiac 83914d ago

I think this is going a little far to find negetive press on the Wii. o_O

prunchess3914d ago

I disagree. You would be very surprised at the number of parents these days that would consider this zero score for the Wii a discouraging factor prior to purchasing.

I have two daughters in school and they are very conscious about the environmental impact in purchasing goods. When doing the weekly grocery shopping I am constantly reminded about packaging and what brands factor in the environment when manufacturing or producing goods.

Nintendo would do well to note this score

lynx1halo3914d ago


Brainiac 83914d ago

I actually agree with you about the need to be environmentally conscious, but I don't think that was the thought behind this article.

I was just joking about the prevelent attitude around here with a few exceptions that many here seem to try and find something that has a nice big bold article that says something negetive about the Wii.

That's all, no more, no less.

Armyless3914d ago

They'd have more credibility if EVERYTHING weren't an EMERGENCY.

ruibing3914d ago

For those who already bought their console, I suggest they just ignore this since there's nothing they can do about it anymore. And for those who are still in the market for a new system, it really is up to them whether the arguments in the article will play into their purchase decision.

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games4fun3914d ago

@braniac your comment made me chuckle bubble and agree

urban bohemian3914d ago

I guess no one really thinks about the environmental impact consoles have. All those dead 360s must be somewhere! And when ps4 comes out the ps3s are so big they' have to blast them into space. At least the wii will make a nice bookend. Even if it is made out of stuff that kills animals lol!

mighty_douche3914d ago

wheres Captin Planet when you need him.

games4fun3914d ago

go caaapppptaaaaaaaain plaanettt

bubble and agree mighty

Darkiewonder3914d ago

With your powers combined, I am CAPTAIN PLANET! xD

mighty_douche3914d ago

what a crappy power, some dude can cause kick ass fires, another can summon the power of the wind etc etc

and then you've got heart. great.... cheers planet....

ItsDubC3914d ago

Hahahahaha awesome, the accent totally came out when she said that. Bubbles Darkiewonder lol.

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