What’s in store for the PS4?

We have already heard from various sources that the PlayStation 4 is starting into it’s real development, with an expected showing in 2013 with a possible late 2013 / earlier 2014 launch. Now to be perfectly honest we really don’t know what to expect so far, nothing has been released so far. So I am going to break down section by section the PlayStation 4′s possible direction, with a little bit of “I hope this makes it in there” approach.

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TheBlackMask2418d ago

Look at the PSV and then think about what it could achieve if it was a console instead.......

It's good aswell since it shows Sony has learnt from their mistakes....which are the...

Laucnh Games and
How developer friendly it has to be

yabhero2418d ago

I suppose your one of the people who think 250-300 is a good price for a handheld. I don't think they have the money for a superpower next gen system. Maybe though do though because Nintendos not doing we'll as it could be and they managed to create a next gen system with 4-6 times the power of current gen.

mandf2417d ago

Cheaper than an I-Phone and does more like play actual games. Tech costs money.

cpayne932417d ago

You do realize that people were predicting the Vita to cost 400-500 right?If you look at what the Vita can do it is a good price. It offers a gaming experience which can be matched by consoles on the go. It has more features and better online than what the 3ds offers. Like mandf said it's cheaper than an iphone yet offers a much better gaming experience. I still don't think the 3ds is worth a buy since they will probably come out with a dual analog version. Just out of curiosity, did you buy your 3ds at 250?

yabhero2416d ago

no one should be paying 400 dollars for a iphone, thats why ppl sign up for the BS contract, I bought my 3DS a 170
Im just saying in order to do well SOny need to capture some of the 11-15 group and 250 300 dollars is a lot

BitbyDeath2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Haven't read an article this good in i don't know how long.

I agree with most of it except for maybe the RAM being 4GB which i think sounds a bit high for consoles IMO.

Looking back the ram was as follows-
PS1 - 2MB
PS2 - 36MB
PS3 - 512MB

PS4 may only need a total of 2GB all up.
More is obviously always better but as you can see from previous consoles it is not really needed unlike a PC.

Really good read though.

Fishy Fingers2418d ago

RAM is very cheap these days, especially to someone like Sony and with developers crying out for anything up to 12gb next gen I'd be surprised if we didn't see something like 4-8gb.

RAM was this gens bottleneck and seeing its one of the cheaper components the manufacturers would be foolish to scrimp on that front again.

Shikoro2418d ago

Jesus Christ, stop saying that RAM is cheap these days. The RAM used in consoles ins't the freaking slow RAM in computers. It's a super fast, high-bandwith and low latency RAM which costs a lot of money. So simple. -_-

6GB of total RAM will be enough do deliver some astonishing games in the next generation.

steve30x2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

The speed of the ram in a console is'nt the problem its the ammount needed. If you want huge worlds like GTA for instance or other sandbox games Without the restriction of how far you can see (like city backdrop etc) then you need a lot of ram to store that data. Also the more anti aliasing you use the more vram the graphics card will use. Also if they are aiming for the new super HD ( cant remember the name of it lol( They will require lots of Vram and a lot of grunt to be able to run it smoothly.

ABizzel12417d ago

There are differences in RAM, and the RAM in the GPU. The GPU has it's own RAM to draw from which cost significantly more than the standard RAM you buy for your computer. That's where the 4GB of RAM comes from. 2GB GPU 2GB System.

Now they could do 4GB, 6GB, or 8GB of system RAM and a 2GB GPU. But that's not saying much and there are tons of other things to factor into this that I just don't feel like going over right now, like types of GPU's (make, model), why RAM isn't the be all of a GPU, dual core, etc...

potedude2418d ago

I thought it was interesting too. When starting to talk about the specs of the PS4? then I start to drool a little.

Don't mean to sound like a fanboy but I have had a PS1, a PS2, a PS3 and of course will be getting a PS4.

fOrlOnhOpe572418d ago

Totally agree, thats one of the better articles I've read in a long while. Im really excited for the PS4. Sony have found a good blueprint in how to release a games console, as shown with what they're doing with Vita.

Hanif-8762418d ago

They need at least 4GB of DDR3 RAM especially since they run very cheap nowadays. However, DDR4 is expected to be released next year and i can't recall Sony or Microsoft ever releasing a new console with dated tech. I think that they should just ditch the CELL Processor and maybe opt for an 8 core cpu by intel (whenever they release one).

mandf2417d ago

I hope they keep the cell. More ram will help less capable developers. The is the only gripe from developers. They don't know how to code with split memory and run it in unison.

zero_cool2415d ago

id say at least 4gb total 2gb main 2gb vram!

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milohighclub2418d ago

I said it before and will say it again I reckon Sony is going to slap a touch panel on the back on dualshock 4

Hanif-8762418d ago

@milohighclub although i agree that sounds alot like Sony, i would definitely want them to put that money elsewhere in the system. I just need a controller like the Duelshock 3 but slightly bigger, just slightly, with triggers and i'm set.

milohighclub2417d ago

Is like a couple more buttons so you can do more in gave without having to press x for everything. The touchpad could be cool if used correctly I.e L stick to move R stick for camera, touch pad to move reticule independently. Maybe release different size pads cos I have small hands so its perfect for me I would find it uncomfortable if it was bigger. That's why I don't like the 360s pad.

BitbyDeath2417d ago

And i don't mind that at all. A back touch panel like on the Vita would be pretty cool as long as the controller remains roughly the same size then i'm all for it.

supremacy2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

This is exactly what I have been saying all along. The vita is a small sample of what the ps4 might end up being, a console with all the features and develop friendly asked for.

So expect psn to be everything xbox live is, on day one when the ps4 hits. Why, because it will most likely be built for that type of infastructure period.

Faster disc drives, better online, easier development cycles, and a more intergrated community between gaers, devs and Sony.

brandonb212418d ago

i would like to see them go with 8gb of ram just cause as the next gen gets older developers will be crying 2gb isn't enough.

steve30x2418d ago

8GB would be too much. I would say 1gb system ram and 3gb graphics ram.

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