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The first Devil May Cry game came out in 2001, when Japanese games still dominated the Western console business and, to some extent, the minds of Western gamers. The original Devil May Cry was everything hip and trendy about Japanese gaming at the time: challenging, innovative, and stylish in the over-the-top tradition of Japanese animation, which also enjoyed a tremendous surge of popularity at the time.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


And plus everyone knows why the original design of Dante got scrapped so fans will not be reminded of Kamiya.

zerocrossing2321d ago

There's spinning the truth, and then there's taking the pi**... This article is the latter.

Cant wait for this to joke to flop so we can get back to the real DMC and kick ass Dante!.

fei-hung2321d ago

The game didn't need rebooting, the game needs Kamiya and Platinum Games.

Fact is Capcom cannot make a good Devil May Cry game or DMC game even if they tried.

As long as I get another Bayonetta, the true successor to Devil May Cry and Dante, I will be happy. From the look of things, there will not be a proper Devil May Cry with the original Dante for a long time to come.