MW3 glitches for survival mode & campaign – your finds

Jamie Pert: Many of you queued for Modern Warfare 3 last night, therefore you probably stayed up later than usual trying out the many game modes. Unsurprisingly glitches have already been found in the game (none of which ruin multiplayer like MW2′s infamous Care Package glitch). One of these MW3 glitches lets you get out of the map during the campaign, the other is a sneaky spot which makes Survival mode on the Resistance map much easier.

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marioPSUC2300d ago

Pretty sad that glitches are already being found

Tachyon_Nova2299d ago

I haven't played a non mobile game in my entire life that I didn't find a glitch in, so I don't know what your talking about.

Ocean2299d ago

Glitches in a COD game? whatever next lol

Seriously though....a patch or 2 will surely come soon