Soundtrack Review: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

VGW: With the exception of a few cuts that rely on testosterone-fueled drums, and the jarring appearance here and there of an overdriven electric guitar, the score for Uncharted 3 stands up quite well as an independent experience. Delicate cues lead into soaring melodies, and the full orchestral numbers such as “Nate’s Theme 3.0″ wouldn’t be out of place in a classic Hollywood score. Edmonson won a number of awards for his prior Uncharted scores, and this third installment is equally strong.

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Luc202439d ago

Bought Uncharted 2 soundtrack and it's amaizing. If you like movie sountracks like inception, dark knight or prince of persia you will love this. Already pre ordered Uncharted 3 sountdtrack cos the music in the game was so beautiful.

ginsunuva2439d ago

Uc2 track had more memorable songs, but fewer. This one has slightly less memorable ones, but a lot more of them.

2438d ago