Massive Uncharted 3 Advertisement

Dualshock Nexus: If there was anyway to promote a game and make sure everyone in the surrounding area could see it, then Sony has done just that with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Take a glance at the making of this spectacular painting that is widely displayed in Berlin.

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Aussiegamer2170d ago

That right their is awesome and some seriously talented dudes.

Treezy5042170d ago

Most definitely, I wish I could see something like this downtown in Seattle.

norman292170d ago

Did you see the A4 sized image they were working from? need a stronger word than talented to go for an A4 image to that detailed work of art :O

Misterhbk2170d ago

Sony never pushes their games that hard here in the States, and if they did it'd probably be either New York or LA that got this kind of treatment, though Seattle would probably be next on that list. I'd love to see something like that here in Portland, but we'd have even less of a chance then Seattle lol

Then again we did get the Subway Promo so I guess that was pretty huge.

maniacmayhem2170d ago

All speculations and posts of Sony doesn't market should be laid to rest.

shikamaroooo2170d ago

That sure got alot of attention ad epic work

clearelite2170d ago

I usually don't like advertisements, but I wouldn't mind seeing some of those here in the US, maybe with the PS logo featured more prominantly.