Why Buying Games at Launch Is a Fool’s Errand

Wired writes: "Buying games when they’re released is a scam: The prices of video games drop within weeks of release, and the second editions of games released to retail often include what used to be for-pay downloadable content. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when trying to decide what games to buy now, and when to wait."

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mrmancs2415d ago

like id wait to play battlefield 3 or skyrim for a tenner saving? pfttt. most games aint worth buying full stop , better to be selective with game buying thus saving way more and still be able to play games that are worth buying from day one :)

Stuart57562415d ago

I waited one month to pay less than half the day 1 price for Resistance 3, absolute bargain. I think perhaps it was an error on the retailers part ( because a matter of hours later it was back up to the full RRP, i got it for £17.99.

reynod2415d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Dont know about you guys but i bought BF3 on the PC for 38USD at launch. Just need to research a bit before your purchase. Though yea that price wont be available on console for a while.

I usually buy most of my games on Steam discounts. AAA games are usually at sale for 15-20usd after 2-3months of release, gaming couldnt be cheaper :P

Commander_TK2414d ago

That's why I'm probably waiting for editions of both U3 and Arkham City.

jc485732415d ago

i wish all games were like that, but the ones I like always end up being hard to find.

Mikeyy2415d ago

The prices of good games do not drop very quickly.

aaaaaaaaa2415d ago

I've tried this idea of waiting but there are few big problems with this approach
1st like jc48573 said the older a game gets the harder it is to find in a shop
2nd by the time you find an older game and its best part is the online part of the game you end up with no one to play with/against so wasting money

I think the big problem with buying games on release day is that 80% of the price we pay for a game the middle men takes

VonAlbrecht2415d ago

Because as Arnold would say, "YOU LACK DISCIPLINE"

Stuart57562415d ago

That and; 'Who is your daddy and what does he do?'

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The story is too old to be commented.