Why I'm Not Buying Into the MW3 "User Reviews" on Metacritic

Are the user reviews on Metacritic warranted or a result of the BF3 vs MW3 propaganda fans have been exposed to?

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Chuk52267d ago

Metacritic user scores are a joke in general.

lifesanrpg2267d ago

Unfortunately, the same can be said of "professional" review scores these days

The worst part is Metacritic has both ><

darthv722266d ago

that part is funny right there. This day and age anyone can set up a blog site and claim to be a reviewer. The key is writing in such a way as to either spark interest and support or down right torches and pitchforks.

The user thing at meta is a joke. People so dependent on nothing more than to drag down the image of a popular game. It has happened before (halo 3, gear, uncharted...) and it will continue to happen.

What does that really say about this generation of gamer? Its almost as bad (note: "almost") as those who sling mud in politics. You cant let your opponent get more face time than you so you find ways to lash out at each other.

How people still manage to decide a winner is beyond me.

360ICE2267d ago

Yeah and nearly all of them are incredibly biased. Most user reviews there say "don't believe what others say, game x kicks ass/sucks" and then gives either a 10 or a 0. That is sick, and those kind of people are the reason we cant truly ever abolish death penalty.

TheBlackMask2267d ago

Did you see the Uncharted 2 ones....

Basicaly people could admit it was amazing but gave it 0 because it was "too good"

Same has happened with U3 but worse thanks to these troll/low reviews that make no sense behind the given score.

darthv722266d ago

halo and gears. Both of those had all sorts of spoilers in the user reviews.

Some are just to spiteful as to let something else ruin their day. Such as the release of a popular game.

Thing is, we get it. Some people dont like halo or uncharted but is it really necessary to make it a point to express your dislike when you have no intention of ever playing it?

There are plenty of games I dont care for but I dont waste my time spreading lies or false information about them. Others should get a grip on their controller as well as their ego.

Kur02267d ago

I'm not buying into the professional reviews. I think for once the user reviews on metacritic are right.

TheBlackMask2267d ago

Really shows you the true score for MW3 instead of these amazing reviews that are coming in.....any other game would of gotten a lower score for doing the same crap COD does, seriously something is going on behind closed doors with Activisiona and reviewers.

TheSanchezDavid2266d ago

I don't like Call of Duty in any capacity, but damn those scores on Metacritic really surprised me.

RyuCloudStrife2266d ago

its where the hater can feel important. sad people they are.

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