Take-Two plans for growth, not sale; GTA4 to be 'vastly better' than expectations

Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. Chairman Strauss Zelnick, head of a new management team, said on Monday he prefers to run the publisher of the hit Grand Theft Auto video game series rather than sell it.

"I'm much more interested in growing the business than in selling it, to be clear," Zelnick told the Reuters Media Summit. "I would say for the next five to seven years this is a terrific time to be in the video game business."

Zelnick said the next installment of Grand Theft Auto was benefiting from a delay in its release date from October to next spring. "I believe this release, Grand Theft Auto IV, is going to be vastly better than those expectations -- vastly better -- and that's hard to do when expectations are so high," he said.

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gamesblow3885d ago

I doubt it, though. I'm sure most people will say it's golden eitherway... I mean, look at ASScreed. It's complete CAT SQUIRTs and people know it, yet choose to look the otherway when talking about all the bugs, slowdown and choppiness of it. It's a mess of a game. Yet, people still buy it up because they were told to do so on hype alone.

GTa is no different. The games are unappealing to me. This will be the same as the rest with more detail. That's it. Different guy, new graphics. Same ****. Like FPS's, GTa has over stayed its welcome.

Tsalagi3885d ago

Is "Cat Squirts" your phrase of the day?

C_SoL3885d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

GTA is the $hit & Assassin's ain't even on the same level as the GTA series. Who doesn't like doing crime (for fun) without gettin your ass thrown in to jail & wth is CATS SQUIRTS? i guarantee u that r gonna buy this game when it comes out....obviously u don't like the life like details that are going in to this game....

EDIT: Well thats too bad u couldn't understand what i said....but, i don't care. its ur desion what games u get, all i'm saying is that ur gonna be missing a really great game from ur collection....nuff said.

gamesblow3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

C-Sol, I didn't really understand anything you just said. I wanted to, but it just didn't happen.

Anyways, what I did decipher from your cryptic message was me buying this game. Well, no... that won't happen Jackson. Bank it. I'm not a big fan of the genre. I don't have the time to invest in GTA games or games like GTA, for that matter. RPG's are another genre I cannot be bothered with. Sure they might be great, Oblivion is amazing... I just don't have the time to fully spend to enjoy these games. Maybe GTA has changed since Vice city... I dunno... I haven't ventured back to play any since then... But I'm guessing nothing has really changed much other than locations, characters and a few details here and there.

RelloC3885d ago

you don't have time to play a sanbox game or an rpg but you have the time to post massive amounts of bullsh!t on forums and blogs all damn day?? boy, if only my life was as meaningful... dipsh!t.

Jamaicangmr3884d ago

Yeah it was kindda rude of you to compare Assassin's Creed to ANY GTA but it's ok we forgive you.

poopface13884d ago

how can you say you dont have time to play a game, but you have enough time to write long comments on why and how you wont play it? Kinda weird. Also, how are you always first comment? mabe you just dont like these types of games. I personaly love "ass creed" as my framerate is great(360 mabe) and Iv only had a clone glitch(360 mabe too) once. Ive seen much worse glitches and much worse games. Im sure GTA4 will be a good game as long as it is truly a next gen sandbox game, as crackdown and assassins creed have helped to advance these types of games.

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Vip3r3885d ago

I don't mind waiting so long as it's worth it. GTA4 should be awesome on all systems.

solar3885d ago

imagine that...EA owning the publishing rights of GTA...

BlazeXXL3884d ago

then I'd choke on my own d*ck and die :|

bluecapone3885d ago

i'm sure GTA4 will live up to the hype really got high hopes for that game but anyway the Fanboys will come attackin this peaceful thread

Skerj3885d ago

Yeah, enjoy it while you can :D

bootsielon3885d ago

If they paid 50 million just for "add-ons"...

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