PSX-Sense - Review: Modern Warfare 3

PSX-Sense wrties: "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been hyped a lot, but is it really worth your money?"

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Solidus187-SCMilk2413d ago

LOL, a 7,5? Does that mean Google translate thought the decimal was a comma??

Larssonio2413d ago

We're critical and no fanboys. MW3 is actually MW2,5: an expansion pack for a lot of money.

suicidalblues2413d ago

So basically, an expansion of an expansion?

Aussiegamer2413d ago

Was good read too man. Well set out review.

Nice work.

Tigerfist2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Some countries use a comma as a decimal mark... This article comes from a Dutch site and the Netherlands is listed as one of those countries.

In fact, even my own country does that.

Orion2413d ago

Here too, commas for decimals. Only use dots to separate groups of three figures. I go crazy when I use office software and have to use, sometimes commas, sometimes dots. And, when I handwrite, I use the apostrophe for decimals.

There are also differences in languages and cultures, like the "billion" thing. For us (Spanish), is 10¹², while for English speakers is 10⁹.

Bet Solidus187-SCMilk has never been out of his country...

DonaldBeck2413d ago

"Far too little innovation to a whole new game for 60 euros"
well put

cpayne932413d ago

That basically sums it up right there. I like cod, but there aren't enough changes to make me want to buy, I still play cod4 sometimes.

JellyJelly2413d ago

No money for you, PSX-Sense!

haawaltevi19762413d ago

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