MW3 connection issues and lag

InEntertainment writes: The Modern Warfare 3 release has gone pretty good when compared to launch days for other games, although we did expect to see some problems, which are starting to show their face during our tests and in the current feedback we’ve had so far.

Our first impressions of MW3 include connection issues and lag in the survival mode.

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danswayuk2387d ago

I wonder how far MW3 goes when matching you to other players in survival mode.

fluffydelusions2387d ago

Played MP for about an hour on issues.

S_C2387d ago

Same here played all day without any Lag at all

zeddy2387d ago

some lag playing on my ps3 but nothing to write home about and no hit detection problems either, all my bullets are hitting.

kparks2387d ago

played on my ps3 and was a lag fest and i keep getting a lost connection to server i think it says... its not my net everything else runs fine and i got fios but its really pissing me off and if im in someones lobby and i get kicked and it boots the whole team back to the lobby WTF is that????

farhad2k82387d ago

Nope, not for me. I've had NO lag so far, and always manage to find a match. Also, my ELITE works perfectly fine, along with Theater mode! :D

Invest in a higher internet speed. :)

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Hgivens072387d ago

I just got done playing MW3 MP and I didn't have any lag problems. There was the occasional lag spikes that you normally get in almost any game. They weren't very often, only happened a few times to me. I think maybe once I lost connection to the host. Other than that it worked fine. I played for 12:30 am to 3:00 pm and didn't have any problems.

C_Menz2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Nobody saw these issues coming since the other CoD's were known for being lag and disconnect free.


fluffydelusions2387d ago

TBH, Black Ops was the worst of the lot.

Pacman3212387d ago

That's something i like about infinity ward, they always make their games pretty well made, compared to Treyarch who always put a shitty port over onto the PS3. I mean the game is still not fixed to THIS day.

BuffMordecai2387d ago

Gotting love those curving bullets.

HeavenlySnipes2387d ago

I'll cut them some slack now (as in this week). There are millions of people playing at once. Kinda hard to avoid lag

GamingManiac2387d ago

It was there a few days ago where only like +/-50k were playing at any given time, so no slack to cut. Get it fixed IW!!

gamingdroid2387d ago

It seems to me that most big games have issues the first week. The smoothest I ever had it was with Gears of War 3 though, which had dedicated servers and a very polished and comprehensive beta four months ahead of release.

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The story is too old to be commented.