Creative Minds: Keita Takahashi

Namco Bandai's Keita Takahashi is the creative genius behind Katamari Damacy and enfant adorable of the games world. Outspoken, iconoclastic and endearingly humble he's always ready to take on the industry, and usually with counter-intuitive views.

In his keynote speech at the recent GameCity festival in Nottingham the barefoot developer discussed world pollution, environmental responsibilities and why games are a luxury. "If you're suffering from poverty and disease could you worry about collecting coins? I don't think so," he said.

CVG bagged an exclusive interview with the designer to find out more about his latest title, Noby Noby Boy, what irritates him about the industry and why he may be moving on from Namco-Bandai in 2009.

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Darkiewonder3953d ago

Why not just leave N/B and find a way to start up yourself an independent studio?

Everyone is saying how imaginative the Nintendo Wii is. Do you agree?

Takahashi: No [laughs]. I do understand the concept and the fun aspect but I do feel that there's still more to explore with a traditional control method.

You don't always need a remote/joystick to make creative games. there were creative games using regular old controllers :)