Dead Island Devs Trademark ‘Dead World’ & What We Want From the Sequel

Drew Bergmark of WouldYouKindly: Last week, Techland the developers behind Dead Island got the trademark for these two words: ‘Dead World’. While there has been no confirmation from Techland, WouldYouKindly speculates that there will be a CGI announcement trailer at E3 2013 or gamescom. Until then, we can only ask Techland what to fix in Dead Island’s to-be sequel.

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iNFAMOUZ12413d ago

Dead world sounds rad. Hopefully you play in multiple cities somehow dealing with the undead anywhere from sky scrapers to small houses and small farms etc. The graphics need to be a little updated, i dont want the zombies looking super brown, and the gameplay is fast, but it needs to be more fluid.

Bring a good epic story to go with it, action & emotion can coexist if you try. Much more night time levels!!!

Drazz2413d ago

I want it to be more like The Walking Dead.

DBergmark2413d ago

I'd really like that, but I don't think that's something that is possible right now with what consumers have to play their games with. On the next generation of consoles with everyone finally shifting to HD, I could see this being possible.

squallheart2413d ago

i want less weapons, it felt to arcady and didnt have that scary atmosphere.

Drazz2413d ago

So u want to die more?

squallheart2412d ago

yup, the weapon selection in the game was way over the top. I mean a lighting katana for crying out loud.

BattleTorn2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

I think Dead World sounds great. And clearly they've already picked up on one key desired feature, a larger 'world' (rather than a island)

If they need to know what to add, they should take a look at the Zombie game being made by Crytek; currently named "Class-3"

It's going to be more based around survival (Food/water/Shelter) and have a full Night/Day cycle.

I think for a zombie/survival game they should have a significantly limited Inventory. (meaning one must return to a safehouse frequently to heal/repair/restock)
Kinda like Fallout:NV Hardcore mode, where it forces the user to monitor their Food/Water deprivation, as well as rest. And nearly everything they carry contributes to the max inventory limit.

This would make player loot/adventure close to their safehouse, and as they progress (and get more equipment) be able to venture further from their safezone.

DBergmark2413d ago

Your suggestions are really great!

BattleTorn2413d ago

people tell me that, yet i have 2bubbles.

which really sucks!

DBergmark2413d ago

Well I added a bubble to you so I guess there are just haters hatin'.

Xenial2413d ago

This time i'm definitely waiting before i buy.

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