New to RPG’s? Why to Start With Skyrim

The average gamer today has little to no interest in the Role Playing Game genre. For many, if there is no multi-player then they have no interest in the games. In the past RPGs could be confusing for many. Inventory management, item use, character stats, multiple party member s to control in battle, random encounters all could be frustrating to someone unused to it. Shooters, platformers, sports, puzzles and action games were all much easier to play and understand. Shoot, kill or be killed, save the princess and the world. Easy peasy...

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Tanir2176d ago

i think skyrim is a bad rpg to start with for one reason....too overwhelming. even for rpg vets like myself its so big, immersive and amazing.

buuut, if it takes to long it may throw some people off, it honestly depends, i mean some may be captured by the exploration, but i think some rpg beginners should start with something like witcher or something

s0c0m2176d ago

It's a hard balance. Just as if an RPG player wanted to get into FPS's. Plenty of good ones. Plenty of easy ones. Just a tough call to make.

Bigpappy2176d ago

I would say that if you have the patience as a reader of novels, you can start with a game like skyrim.

Elder scrolls Morrowind was a game that people who don't like the idea of gaming could get into. This is because it was a game that you just did what felt right to you. There was no wrong or right way to play the game you just spoke to people and found leads on how to survive in this new world.

Captain Qwark 92176d ago

elder scrolls is absolutely huge and decently complex, imo for non-rpg minded people, it would prob be best to stay clear of this series.

they would be much better starting at mass effect 2 or dragon age 2, then moving to mass effect 1, then they can try something like DA:O, Skyrim, or dark souls but prob not before getting their feet wet in the more streamlined rpg games.....

also Skyrim = sex, its that simple......

s0c0m2176d ago

Why not just jump in head first? After all, it's their option. Sure they can start with an easy RPG. or they can start with a RPG that takes a bit of getting use to, but the end reward is far better.

papashango2176d ago

Hes not demanding they steer clear. But when you consider todays average gamer. Even with simplified gameplay the elder scrolls might just be too much.

For instance the ones with the short attention span might just be bored and start killing everything in sight one day. They get further along and regret it only to tell everyone they know how shitty it is potentially robbing someone of the elder scroll experience

tehnoob32176d ago

Dark souls is probably the last rpg a beginners should go to.

Maybe runescape, its simple, and easy to start.

sonicsidewinder2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

See this is the problem, RPG's feel the need to make themselves "easier for people who don't like RPGS to begin with, for them to be able to enjoy the game".

That's not the way it ever worked.

You threw yourself into the world, then learnt the rules. You LEARNT how to play, and in doing so, gained so much more enjoyment from it.

You play again knowing what you know, expand your knowlege, then play in a diferent way, learning more again!

The idea of so many skills being taken from the game is the only thing that has me stroking my chin in dismay.

I quote this from the Morrowind Manual:

"We don't believe a good role-playing game should restrict your from making choices, even if they're bad ones"

So why do they take away all these skills? Cus it's too much for nubs to take, seemingly.

edit: I mean, No Attributes, no Birthsigns, single piece armours, no medium armour.

Is this Elder Scrolls?

consolez_FTW2176d ago

Exactly man, when I first heard about single piece armors I was like NOO!! they actually went there. Then they took away birthsigns and attributes like you said.

I'm gonna get a ton of disagrees I bet, but I think Skyrim will be the worst elder scrolls. That's not saying much because Skyrim will still be a great game, but just not on par with the others..I guess we'll find out 11-11-11.

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Xenial2176d ago

This will be my first time buying an RPG.

Hassassin2176d ago

enjoy... and be patient, it WILL be rewarding

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