Dead Island Review [Trendy Gamers]

Trendy Gamers: ad Island is a game that suffers from a severe case of identity crisis. Sometimes it thinks it’s Borderlands and other times it thinks it’s Dead Rising. However, it’s neither and isn’t half as good as either.

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acronkyoung2267d ago

Still need to pick this game up.

TheShow172267d ago

It was enjoyable, but you could rent it and have just as much fun. The story goes downhill and it gets pretty lame after the first act...

JellyJelly2267d ago

Currently playing this game and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I can't believe how anyone can score it below 8.

MysticStrummer2267d ago

I played all the way through it only because a friend bought it because I did. I can't believe how anyone can score it above a 6.

James Vanderbeek2267d ago

played this on my gf's 360. i didnt have any high hopes for it but i was wrong. the game is way fun and addicting.

Just bought it on my ps3 for 21 bucks brand new from gamestop. traded in a few games

TrendyGamers2267d ago

Wow, great deal! And I loved you in How I Met Your Mother!

BattleTorn2267d ago

I absolutely love this game!

ian722267d ago

Just bought this game for £24 (new) at Tesco, haven't played it yet but seen some gameplay vids and it looks worth the money I payed.

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