Today only: Halo 3 Legendary for $60 on Amazon's deal of the day is the Halo 3 Legendary Edition for $59.99 USD, making it the same price as the standard edition, and ten dollars cheaper than the Collector's Edition. The Legendary Edition includes three bonus discs of Halo-related content, as well as the Master Chief cat helmet scale replica helmet case.

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Dlacy13g3916d ago

Guess they made a few more helmets. ;)

Silver Bull3t3916d ago

Great deal. But I'd prefer the "limited" edition tin instead.

uxo223916d ago

I think I'll return thoses and order these. Wow, great deal geez up 11,800 percent. (Whatever that actually means)

DiLeCtioN3915d ago

thankyou to the pople that approved this, cus i was away