Modern Warfare 3 with maxed out graphics using downsampling

This is how Modern Warfare 3 looks like with ingame maxed out graphics and a downsampling resolution of 3.840 x 2.160 (output: 1.600 x 900). You won't find a better image quality of the latest Call of Duty.

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Trunkz Jr2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

To the CoD Fanboys that disagree with me, maybe you should actually look at the screens first and then hold your head in shame... The quality when up close should NOT be this horrible, it's called "Old Enginitis", and MW3 surfers from a bad case of it.




just_looken2445d ago

its not bad considering its a console port

like a ultra bright dx9 game.

egidem2445d ago

It's always a broken German website, never Scandinavian, or French heck or even Nigerian, but German.

Kamikaze1352445d ago

You would think they would try to at least get the graphics to 2009 standard.

KingPin2445d ago

why would they wanna even try. this game, as shitty as it looks, is selling millions as we speak.

that is the power of good advertising.

BF3 will be getting my cash though

RedDead2445d ago

This is the power of a brand name...nothing more

DeadManMcCarthy2445d ago

exactly, the morons will still buy it even if it looks like cs 1.6.

atkecar12445d ago

And all off you play it on console.Right? Because on PC on EKSTRA setings and FULL HD(you know what is it full HD right?) looks Excellent.. So shut the fu*k up you console people that you play games on 6 years old machine. Exceptions Unchated series and God of War 3,and Metal gear solid 4...Cheears

mendicant2445d ago

It looks fine, stop acting like it's unplayable.

They have done a really good job of pushing their engine. Having an engine that you know well that you can really get some power out of is better than starting from scratch. This is why the best looking games tend to come out at the end of a consoles life cycle, not the start.

A bunch of drama queens on this site.

hiredhelp2445d ago

Are you frikken serious mendicant.?

mendicant2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Yes I'm absolutely serious. Graphics are WAY overblown this generation. This blows that out of the water, that blows this out of the water. It's the same lame, crap arguments over and over. I'm playing on a 40" Sony Bravia EX70 and it looks great. Solid frame rate, cool graphics. I do wish they had better weapon sounds, especially compared to Battlefield 3.

The fact is that it's rare to find a current gen console game that looks straight up bad. Most are serviceable if not really good with some in the upper deck-and even then, the differences between them are small.

I blame younger gamers who didn't watch the industry grow and change so they don't have anything to compare it to or have the ability to appreciate what they have now.

That and ps3 fanboys.

swinesucker2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Game looks straight up bad sometimes. KZ3 does more for me design wise and I'm on on a pc rig at 1920 1080 as well.

hiredhelp2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

Have you stoped to even realise why the frame rate is farely consistant.
Theres no real phyisx , all viechles are stationary cant be driven.maps are scaled down lower textures help with this lack of lighting shadows.

Its washed out as a old retro gamer i have followed threw.
And this gen has taught me one thing younger generations kids are smater in gameplay wise but lack whats going on in the background of gaming corp's. That them taken advantage of these kids that buy DLC pay the riasing prices.
Except that games come out with fixes needed.
Its a generation of greed and everything now.

mcstorm2445d ago

I have to agree with you I dont think the game looks as bad as people are making out. I am not a fan of COD games but just because your not a fan of something it dose not mean it dose not look nice.

I am by no means a fan of apple but I still think there products look nice.

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