Grand Theft Auto's biggest problem: Cars

The Grand Theft Auto 5 hype train has started rolling, but one writer can't get too excited about it. Why? Because of those stupid cars.

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Gungnir2414d ago

I agree as well. I hate driving for extended periods of time in these games.

news4geeks2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I hated driving around those country roads in SA. Talk about boredom.

Cataclism02413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

The problem isn't cars in general its the cars in game. Rockstar needs to grab some people from Midnight club to teach them how to make cars fun.

There's no excuse for stealing the equivalent of a 911 and being unable to drive down a highway at 80 without dying.

Steven212413d ago

If you dont like the set up of grand theft auto then dont play it. Thats is what the game is and always has been about. The author of this is digging for flame bait and its pointless. If you dont like a certain game dont play it.its that simple. Theyre not going to change the whole structure of their arguably best game ever because a couple people complain about the cars. I opened this thinking it would be about the lack of licensing but its flame bait.

THR1LLHOUSE2414d ago

If flying around Arkham City makes you *feel* like Batman because of how fun and exciting it is, wouldn't driving a car around LA trying not to blow it up make you *feel* like a guy driving a car around LA trying not to blow it up?

Sure, being Batman is more fun than being some guy, but it's not like you're gonna play a superhero in GTAV. What're you supposed to do if not drive cars?

crazytown992414d ago

Leave GTA to the people who will enjoy it, is what. :P

illegalyouth2414d ago

Only if driving a car around L.A. could be fun. Have you ever driven a car in L.A.? Further, would you really want to drive a car in L.A. with controls from a Rockstar game?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

HardCover2413d ago

Have you ever driven a car in Los Santos with a 4 or 5 star wanted level? Have you ever done that in a car driven by a DualShock 3?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Blaze9292413d ago

you know, Now that we are talking about the cars in GTA, that brings up an interesting point.

Grand Theft Auto - does the name even fit what the games are about anymore? I mean sure you can still steal cars but looking at it from a bigger picture, I don't even think the name fits the kind of games Rockstar makes in the series anymore.


mynameisEvil2413d ago

GTA is now more about, "Oh, I came here with a disadvantage and a terrible past. I lose all that's dear to me and then I become awesome and someone who aims to be on America's Most Wanted" than fun and stealing cars.

Saints Row took the spirit of what GTA used to be and is howing us what could've been. I don't want crappy driving controls and boring minigames like billards, eating, watching lame cabaret shows, and bowling. I can do all that in real life. I want to do what I used to be able to do in GTA. That is, jack a taxi and go on some intense rides similar to Crazy Taxi. I wanna grab a tank and go on a rampage. Hell, I wanna grab that dildo from the jail cell and go beat up old grannies with it.

But, no. Rockstar says, "that's not good enough". Thank God for Volition.

poindat2413d ago

I don't understand what you're complaining about. You can do all of that in GTA. Except run around with the dildo. But why would you want to do that anyway? I mean, unless you're twelve or something, which seems to be the demographic that Saints Row appeals to.

GTA has always been a mature game for mature people. Its witty and emotional and critical and substantial, which is more than can be said about Saints Row.

NagaSotuva2414d ago

You could always hop on a motorcycle. Much more fun and exciting.

gedapeleda2414d ago

I drove motorcycle in gta4 99% of the time

RioKing2413d ago

You don't drive motorcycles

THR1LLHOUSE2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

(@illegalyouth I hit the wrong thing, apparently)

Sure I would.

In GTA I don't need to worry about silly traffic jams or pedestrians, and if my car explodes it's not a big deal because, hey look, there's another one.

It seems like apples and oranges to me to compare GTA with Batman and Infamous just because they're all open world games. I mean, why doesn't Mario run as fast as Sonic? Why can't Sonic get a cape and fly?

RedDead2414d ago

Imo it's a stupid argument, Infamous was not fun to navigate. Cars/planes/helicopters etc are the most fun along with Prototype(to bad the rest of the game sucks)and Spiderman. And RDR, horse is all well and good but it gets boring navigating quite quickly imo.

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