5 Awesome Things About Battlefield 3 (From A CoD Player’s Perspective)

Here are a few things a hardcore Call Of Duty fan likes about Battlefield 3.

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pat_11_52445d ago

You made some decent points about the game, I think this is what separates BattleField 3 from CoD.

pangitkqb2445d ago

I'm just gonna have to break down and pony up for BF3. It just looks so cool.

mike_d_2445d ago

Finally a decent mature article instead of sounding like a 15 yr old boy whose mom took his games away.I give you props for your input/experience with the game.If more CoD fanboys would move away from the mindset that "CoD is the greatest thing ever f**k everything else" mentality,they would experience a great game like BF3.Yes i was a CoD fan until MW2 came out,i noticed the huuuuge inbalance in the game and started to veer off and started playing Bad Company.Since then I'm more of a BF fan and usually keep CoD on the backburner.If i get tired of squad-based tactical gameplay(which won't happen anytime soon) i might pop in CoD for a quick run-n-gun.

Tonester9252445d ago

I bought Every call of duty. Not anymore lol

pandehz2445d ago

Welcome to BF3 mate.

Add me if u wanna party up sometime AX3HEAD is my ingame name.

Hassassin2445d ago

I'll add u ;)

...and never play with u because I play in Latin American servers :(

sovietsoldier2445d ago

i stopped playing cod when i felt like i was playing a madden game where everything was same as the game before but with a little something extra to call it new. bf on the other hand has tried to do something new, things that keep its core game play intact while delivering a new gameplay experience .

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