Saints Row 4 Confirmed, To Be "Wilder" Than Saints Row 3

G4: In an interview with X-Play on 11/9, THQ's Danny Bilson revealed that work is already being done on Saints Row 4... and Saints Row The Third hasn't even been released yet."

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krontaar2390d ago

not really something i would like to hear before the third game is even out...makes me want to just wait for the fourth.

aCasualGamer2389d ago

I totally agree with you krontaar.

You never hear a car dealer talk about how great the next year models will be when the customer is interested in the 2011 model. You just don't.

BiggCMan2389d ago

Normally I would agree, but 3 just looks so damn good, I can't pass it up!!

Nate-Dog2389d ago

I find this habit of companies talking about releases in the future before their next releases in the near-future are even out quite irritating (*looks at post from an hour ago of Ubisoft announcing another AC title for next year with Revelations still not out*), I mean it's like they just blatantly don't care about their titles or that they don't believe they are any good (and what sort of an impression does that leave on the rest of us gamers who wait so long for these games and spend our good money on them? It almost sucks half the potential enjoyment out of them for you because you already know there's gonna be another one and that the company don't really care about the current one.)

mike_d_2389d ago

I agree with you.Especially when a game is months from release and they are already talking about a ton of DLC for it.I know that it could have been released with the game but yet they just wanna make $10+ for each pack.

vickers5002389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Well for the devs that have made and finally finished the game after spending so much time on the game, it's like they see it as "well that was one hell of a game we made, damn that was pretty wild. let's make the next one even wilder".

However, we the gamers who don't really know all that much about the game and haven't spent really any time with the game think "What?!?!?! You mean it could have been wilder?!?!?! TOTAL RIPOFF, RABBLE RABBLE RABLE!!!"

For them, the game is done, so they feel comfortable saying those things, but for us, we haven't even experienced it.

Don't get too upset about this dude, it doesn't at all mean that they didn't do everything they could with SR3, it just means that they intend to do even better with the next Saint's Row and are expressing themselves as such.

BrianC62342389d ago

I agree. This is dumb. The new game isn't as wild as the next one will be. Okay, I have limited money right now. I'll wait for the wilder game. Unless the 5th game will be really crazy. Maybe I'll never buy one of the games.

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BuffMordecai2390d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I hope they make this for the next gen systems, this generation is starting to show its age.

BiggCMan2389d ago

Your comment contradicts itself.

BiggCMan2389d ago

I would love to know why you are all disagreeing with me. Does his comment seem to make sense to you?? He says this generation is showing it's age, then he says he is not complaining... Oh I see, he edited his comment to make sense...

HankBizzle2389d ago

They do know you can end up going too far!
I'm already worried that SR3 is a bit too ott.

mike_d_2389d ago

Saint's Row 3 looks ridiculously wild!!!! I can't imagine wilder!

Deeloc2389d ago

Next....all thats on my mind is GTA V

Brownghost2389d ago

I won't care until they release new info. Looks live IV with jets in San Andreas

Pwnage182022389d ago

I AGREE 100% I cant stop thinking about it!!!! I am just sooo excited!!!!!

NarooN2389d ago

Meh. V just looks like IV in a new city. If they don't actually make it a fun game with shit to do in it, I won't bother.

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