Blu-ray outsells HD-DVD format in Europe

High definition movie DVDs in the Blu-ray format have outsold the rival HD DVD standard in Europe this year, breaking the 1 million barrier and constituting 73 percent of all HD movie discs sold.

Citing industry sales data, the Blu-ray disc association said in a statement on Tuesday Blu-ray movie disc sales had topped 1 million units and when counting Blu-ray gaming discs the total number produced for sale in Europe exceeded 21 million units.

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Multigamer3743d ago

wont be for long, hd dvd is gainin momentum

paul_war3743d ago


In HMV (main UK highstreet retailer)at the start of the year I remember shelf space for HD movies was 50/50 between the two formats, now every store I go into, including virgin, gamestation etc, its about 66%/33% in blu-ray's favor.

C_SoL3743d ago

from a guy that lives in europe.

marinelife93743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Almost 3:1 in Europe. Universal could have potentially tripled their sales if they were neutral.

What is the ratio in Asia? Does anyone know?

bootsielon3743d ago

The ratio of BD sales to HDDVD is 9:1. Yes, you read right, nine to one. That's a lot, but I don't blame the japanese... they love high tech. However, they don't decide the format war, at least not alone; minidiscs were popular over there and they were dropped thanks to their failure in the states.

mighty_douche3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

is around 93:1 blu-ray.

EDIT: oops thats recorders, not sure on dvd sales! which is strange, i see enough of them.

unlimited3742d ago

hddvd is long dead..nothing will help it..just because hddvd players is being sold doesnt mean crap without movies..

HarryEtTubMan3742d ago

OVER 200,000 more Blu Ray players in the world this past week.

A yea... and the PS3 outsold the junkbox worldwide. hahaha XBOTS

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gamesblow3743d ago

When's it all going to end so we all can win? I wish Universal, Paramount and Dreamworks would just think about their consumers for once. I mean, look at the crap these companies have pulled off on DVD releases alone. They've juked and junk C*CKED us for many years now by giving us a bare bones release and then releasing 3 to 4 new ultra, super dupper diaper delux versions later.

mighty_douche3743d ago

we all know this already.

enough f*cking DVD threads already..... *sigh*

marinelife93743d ago

Douche you get mad about all the DVD threads but yet you post in every one of them?

mighty_douche3743d ago

i gotta vent my aggression somewhere, its either this or punch the poor guy getting on with his work next to me. i choose this, he wears glasses!

hitthegspot3743d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

You are so right, this war does suck. However as a consumer I want to make a purchase that is in my best interest. If Blu-ray wins right now than we the consumer, at this time, is left to decide if we spend our hard earned after taxes money on a product that isn't finished. Lets look at the PS3 where is the Blu-ray 1.1 upgrade? If Sony would step up, and all the so called Sony die hard fanboys/girls would flood the support lines demanding the 1.1 upgrade then I would have to concede and switch sides. But as it stands today the better choice for my pocket is the finished format HD.

@ xsteinbachx
Did you call support? Don't you think if there was a 1.1 firmware coming it would already be out? Wouldn't this give the PS3 great holiday press? Wouldn't this also give the PS3 a huge push in sales? I think that Sony is having real issues with getting 1.1 to run smoothly on the PS3. I also am very confident that the 40GB PS3 won't get the 1.1 upgrade. The reason why all this could be true is because the 1.1 upgrade will be a software emulation program that will need to run to get picture in picture to work. If you don't agree then call support. I beg... no, dare you to call...

Thanks for posting, but you did not post any facts. If you read the title of that web page it states "Not a news site. A blog site." So again please call Sony support and demand the update. Think of how much money Sony is missing out on. It's incredible.

mighty_douche3743d ago

just buy the one that fits your bill. i shouldnt worry about this to much, by the time this "war" is done and dusted you be able to buy either a Blu-ray or HD player (which ever wins) for like £50. personally i see this crap comtinuing for years to come.

xsteinbachx3742d ago (Edited 3742d ago )

it's coming before christmas. patience young padawan.

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