Heavy Rain Deeply Discounted

Looks like Amazon has cut the price of Heavy Rain. Could this be due to the Director's Cut? This could be the chance to pick up one of the PS3's most unique games. Goozernation has the details.

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Beatboxtaun2295d ago

One of my favorite titles. Quite sad to see it go so low, knowing it's worth a lot more in my books. Although, it does allow more people to give a great title a try!

Persistantthug2295d ago

It's been $30 for way longer than that.

HarryMasonHerpderp2295d ago

Directors cut? first time ive even heard about that =s

Human Analog2295d ago

I loved the game, but was pissed about the lack of support. Aside for the taxidermist, there was no DLC. The fact that the creator moved on as if he didn't care about the title is a bit disheartning.

Jobesy2295d ago

Lack of support? It was a finished game dude! You know, there used to be a day when a dev finished a game and left it at that. A day when dlc milking wasn't even conceived. I miss those days.

Human Analog2295d ago

Yeah, but when they talk about having ideas to flesh out more of the back stories, and then al of a sudden.... nothing, then yeah, it bothered me. It's not like they were planning to 'milk' us for a new room in our virtual home or something. I looked at that game like a novel. I just wanted some more of it, thats all. It's kind of like when Stieg Larsson died before finishing the final copy of the fourth book in his series. It is just in manuscript form, and most likely will never see the light of day. It is just a let down when you get your hopes up for something it never happens.

And since when does the word support mean they finished the game. Support by the nature of the word means after the fact. But hey, thats fine that you don't want more from a great game, but I did.

So seeing how I got all disagrees, I guess that means no one else wanted to have anything more. And Because I do, I am not grateful? If that was the case, then you or anyone else would only have had sex only once. Or eaten food they like only once, or only watched Star Wars but not The empire Strikes Back. Is it too much to ask for more of something we like? I think not.

PieMonster2295d ago

More DLC was planned for this game however Sony forced the developer to add MOVE support instead. That's why it was abandoned.

BuffMordecai2295d ago

Great game, I would highly recommend it.

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