UGO: Time Crisis 4 review

Arcade parlors are a dying breed among Western gamers. Why pay 25 cents or more for an average of 10 minutes play time when you can drop $50-60 on a game with a main quest which lasts 25 hours, along with half as much potential time spent on sideline activities? Not only that, but who really wants to stand in line, quarter in hand, only to watch the pro standing in front of you take an hour or more to finish the game? Bandai Namco Games' Time Crisis 4, one of the last remaining holdouts worth leaving the house for, arrives then on Sony's PlayStation 3 to nail another large, rusty spike into the coffin of the arcade parlor's demise.

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games4fun3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

because those graphics arent saving it, if it plays bad
bubble and agree @the worst

_Jedge3952d ago

love the series and the game. Really amazing game. Happy it was brought to the ps3.

Bleucrunch3952d ago

I want this have your own gunconn for god sake why wouldnt you get this game. Graphics are not everythng.