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IGN - When you bundle together three games that people define as "classics," you expect an amazing product. The Metal Gear Solid Collection delivers that. The controls, stories and content so many fell in love with years ago are here, but time shows up as Solid Snake's greatest enemy. Modern conveniences have led gamers to expect certain things from their stealth action, and the early titles don't deliver that. Still, games can't move forward without knowing where they've been, and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is a welcome, enjoyable glimpse at what once was.

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Supa2361d ago

Can someone please explain to me why the first Metal Gear Solid game is missing from this collection?

I remember it being remade with better graphics (may not be HD but still better than the original) on GameCube, called Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. So why not just use that version and upscale that for completionists sake?

cpayne932361d ago

They may or may not be able to, it might be exclusive for nintendo.

buddymagoo2361d ago

You can download it on the PS store, it is in the PSone classics.

cpayne932361d ago

@buddymagoo er ok I know that. I was talking about mgs twin snakes. You replying to somebody else?

buddymagoo2360d ago


You want the original version how it was intended anyway.

Panthers2360d ago

Apparently the one made for gamecube had a lot of changes that fans of the original really didnt like. Im not sure as I never played it, but the original is still a masterpiece.

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PirateThom2361d ago

Twin Snakes was made by Silicon Knights for GameCube, not Kojima Productions, it also contains Nintendo references.

It's turns Snake into a superhuman ninja and it's stupidly easy due to not being designed around the MGS2 controls.

Also, Kojima said if he remakes it, it will be something special.

DigitalAnalog2361d ago

I cried when I found out they turned him into something like that. Hind scene was just......

TardcoreGamer2361d ago

MGS was on PS1 so it's a lot more difficult to remake to look on par with the others in the collection. Too much work to overhaul...that said they might make a dedicated MGS1 game from scratch.

MintBerryCrunch2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

that was deal between Nintendo and Konami,

as far as MGS1 goes, its on PSN and one of the most d/l ps1 classics in the store, as far as it being in the collection, trying to upscale ps1 graphics and make it HD would only make the game look worse due to the low polygon count

plus, isn't this collection multiplatform? i think that sony and konami made a deal since the original is on the PSN

ScubaSteve12361d ago

case kojima wants to do a FULL remake of the game

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zeal0us2361d ago

Been know for months that MG1 was missing(well not for japan, I think) maybe its time to get over it and just enjoy the game.

PirateThom2361d ago

Japan gets it because it doesn't get Peace Walker.

It's also included in the Limited Edition version in the UK, which has everything in the HD collection, as well as MGS1 voucher and MGS4.

NYC_Gamer2361d ago

nice score i might pack this up once it becomes cheaper

Focus2361d ago

I'm so getting this for xbox 360 in february

cr33ping_death2361d ago

im so getting this for my PS3 TODAY!!!

DonaldBeck2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

lucky you, have fun.

Der_Kommandant2361d ago

I can´t believe MW3 scored higher...

Focus2361d ago

Actually they scored them the same. . .

Swiggins2361d ago

No....They scored the same...get your eyes checked.

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