Local teen arrested for stealing Xbox 360 from Wal-Mart

A local teen was arrested Sunday after allegedly swiping an Xbox 360 video game system from Wal-Mart earlier this month.

According to Radcliff police, Darrius R. Chandler allegedly was spotted by Wal-Mart security taking a game system valued at more than $300 from the store between 4 and 7 p.m. Nov. 9.

Police arrested Chandler on Sunday and charged him with felony theft.

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Multigamer3954d ago

how did he think hell get away with that, put it under his shirt. ha

Feihc Retsam3954d ago

to everyone....

Kinda ignorant to call anyone local on an international website

kalistyles3954d ago

he doesn't know about the RROD. HAHA!

Silver Bull3t3954d ago

You R teh funniestest comedian EVER!!! WOW!

games4fun3954d ago

thxs for seeing the light because silver bull was so enthusiastic i will reward him by giving a bubble and agree to the person he thought was funniest. Lol

IntelligentAj3954d ago

This kid is an A$$. How the hell are you going to try and steal something that big by walking out the front door. Damn...Get a job and buy the damn thing or ask you parents.

urban bohemian3954d ago

slow news day

ps congrats radcliffe polcie force

Fighter3954d ago (Edited 3954d ago )

Shields on at 100%

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The story is too old to be commented.