No, I don't care about Modern Warfare 3

Josh Derocher talks about his opinion of the latest Call of Duty game over on Bitmob. As gamers, we are all expected to like it and play it. But, maybe it's just not for everyone.

"Every time a new Call of Duty game comes out, everyone asks me if I am excited for it. Other gamers, and people in general, just assume that since it's a huge blockbuster that I will be picking it up. Guys, I have some news for you. I really don't care about it."

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jriquelme_paraguay2326d ago

hi.. i only post to say I dont care if you dont care...
Bye byee

DonaldBeck2326d ago

to all of my rebel battlefield 3 players...


Fylus2326d ago

Blasphemy! But no seriously... I agree. I don't AT ALL think it's a bad game, I simply don't care about it.

Focus2326d ago

Cared enough to write a whole article about it. Do you write articles for everything you don't care about?

Lord_Sloth2326d ago

Actually I get cussed out and insulted for not liking the CoD franchise by it's rabid fanbase. I think he did need to write this article since the fan base seems so damn intolerant of people with different tastes.

Criminal2326d ago

I play CoD among other games, but I do realize that others have different tastes. Don't generalize, not everyone in the fan base is intolerant.

papashango2326d ago

I get the same thing here at work. Everyone knows I take my gaming seriously so to strike up a conversation its usually cod. Of course I play along half heartedly and they drop the subject when its clear I'm not interested.

gamernova2326d ago

BF3 fans have done nothing but nuke any positive review that CoD got. Can CoD fans be blamed for being hostile to all the haters? Not really. Just take a look at the articles.

Solidus187-SCMilk2326d ago

How do people know you dont like COD then??? Im guessing you still rant about it like the writer of this article.

I havent ever been cussed out for not liking COD as much as others, but I dont bash it and complain when other people enjoy it either.

Go around in COD articles and talk about how much you dont like it, or it isnt good and it makes sense why fans would get sick of it and give you negative feedback.

heres a good comment you made 2 day ago that shows my point:

"CoD caused this deluge of shooters and scarce imaginative titles we're stuck in! CoD this CoD's driving me to drink...which is fine because I like drinkin but still I wanna drink because I like it, not because I'm annoyed! Thanks, CoD! You've flooded the world with elitist Douchebags and drove me to drink for all the wrong reasons!"

That doesnt sound like someone who "doesn't care" about COD to me. Sounds like a whinny little child who is upset that people are having a good time with something that they hate for what ever reason.

Just like this article, its ironic that someone who "does't care" about something so much feels the need to constantly tell everyone they don't like it.

Ive never seen so many "I dont care" articles or comments from people who are clearly butthurt about a games success for any games besides COD.

And, no I dont have MW3, BO, MW2, or WoW, Cod3, or Cod2. I may get this one, not because its wonderful and great, but because its fun.

NBT912326d ago

Well as a COD fan, the ONLY problem I have with people not liking it is that they make a big song and dance about it.
We do not care a bean if you do not like it, but COD haters practically troll us by constantly saying "BLAHAKHA ITS THE WORST GAME EVER SAME CRAP EVERY YEAR!"

How do you think we would react? It is annoying, so how about this, I will stop calling every COD hater an idiot, the moment they stop acting like one.

I personally play and like quite a diverse range of games, which include COD and Battlefield, there are games I have not liked too (I can not for the life of me, stand Fifa) but I do not constantly rage about it being the same thing every year, I just say I am not interested and move on.

Lord_Sloth2326d ago


They know because they ask me about it and when I say it's not my thing, they get all bent out of shape and insult the games I do happen to enjoy.

Also, BF3 fans are pretty much the same deal.

kcuthbertson2326d ago


Well said...That's exactly how I feel.

It's not like people liking COD hurts people that don't like it. You don't like it? Don't play it...simple as that.


Lord_Sloth2326d ago


Every FPS title that has overrun the industry says hi.

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cpayne932326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

He doesn't care bout the game, he cares that people keep bugging him for not wanting it. Back when I was in high school last year some guy called me a loser because I didn't want black ops. I mean, seriously?

Hicken2326d ago

Well said. For all the "BF3 fanboy" bullshit everyone immediately started spouting, the CoD fanboy bullshit has been going on for years. It's nothing new to be more or less ostracized for not liking or wanting to play CoD. And those that DO like it generally treat it like it's the game of the gods.

You can never say anything bad about CoD, or say another game is better, or you'll be treated as a hater and a troll. Nobody ever believes you used to like the series but got tired of the sameness. They don't think there's any reason why the gaming engine should be improved, or why quick-scoping and noob-tubing should be removed.

If we don't like it, we're hipsters and haters and fanboys.

tickticktick2326d ago

"Cared enough to write a whole article about it"

^^^that was funny

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