Skyrim - 5 Most Exciting New Features

These are the top 5 new features in Skyrim.

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Cirran2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Holy **** dude...Take a breather now and then. Its like you are reading a script without fullstops. Makes it hard to understand you ;<

All great points tho. Shame the RRP for this game in UK retail stores is £55. Thats just to much.

grailly2419d ago

bleh, I don't like gamersheep, even if we have seen less of it lately.

Don't we also have the finishing moves in first person view? I doubt BS would have done them for the few people that will play in third person.

Ren_2418d ago

@grailly - End of #2 shows a first person finisher move.

Also, video states...

"When you kill a dragon you unlock this dragon shell which basically means that you get to do whatever the dragon did"

Not sure if you said soul, sounded like shell. You don't get to do whatever the dragon did just by absorbing it's soul either. You need learn the shouts from dragon walls first and then you can 'spend' the dragon soul to unlock a shout.

Shenkadank2419d ago

You don't need to talk so much and so fast man, and come with better content. This video just seems very shallow, awkward and rushed.

jrcomptech2418d ago

Hmm first off the finishing moves are random as seen in interview with Todd Howard at E3. Second the finishing moves that are animated in third person happen in that perspective whether your in 1st or 3rd person. Third and most misleading when you absorb a dragon's soul you do not get a new shout. You must first explore the world to find "Word Walls" to learn a shout then kill any dragon to obtain a soul to "spend" on that word. Weak dragon souls are worth the same as a powerful dragon's soul.