“Major, full-fledged” Assassin’s Creed set for 2012

Gematsu: "The latest in the Assassin’s Creed franchise has yet to hit shelves, but that didn’t stop Ubisoft from teasing the next entry during its earnings call today."

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Drekken2447d ago

You must really like Milk.

spektical2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

the thing with some other franchises besides COD, is that they have engaging storylines, improvements in multiplayer, and build on a story.

im ok with this kind of milking.

Jobesy2447d ago

Ugh, give AC a rest Ubi. I still like the games, but the yearly releases are starting to give a meh feel to the franchise.

Prophet-Gamer2447d ago

So far each installment has been really good so as long as they keep the quality up I don't mind yearly release. Unlike Call of Duty which just changes skin, AC actually adds new mechanics, a great SP, and now MP.

tdogchristy902447d ago

Conclusion to the current 2012 plot line. I can't wait! Aside from mass effect which come in early 2012, AC is the last franchise I need to finish.

Foxhound9222447d ago

Wth I thought revelations was a full fledged sequel?

PhantomT14122447d ago

Brotherhood and Revelations were like Vice City and San Andreas to GTA III. The real Assassin's Creed III is coming out next year.

Nate-Dog2447d ago

Delightful, Ubisoft continue their trend of talking about the new releases in AC before the next game isn't even out yet. At least try and make it look like you're focused on the Revelations release or that you care about it or that it has some importance Ubi.

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