Gaming-Age: Goldeneye 007 - Reloaded review

"If you grew up in the 90's with a Nintendo 64 under your roof, there's a pretty good chance you either owned or at least played Goldeneye 007. It's easily RARE's biggest claim to fame, despite being responsible for a number of loved Nintendo properties within that decade. It's basically the Halo or Gears of its time, and remained THE console shooter to beat for a number of years. Even its direct successor, Perfect Dark, didn't capture as large of an audience as Bond. And no Bond game since has been able to recapture that magic. Many have tried, but the film franchise has seen diminishing returns in video game form for years."

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haawaltevi19762448d ago

Did you guy know it's open beta already? You can get codes there: (remove the X#s for real url)