PS3 sales boost Sony share prices

Expensive PS3 production, among other things, has made Sony the topic of some not-so-ideal financial reports of late, but things are finally looking up as the Tokyo-based company sees a sharp rise in share prices on Tuesday.

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Maddens Raiders3952d ago

-- "Koya Tabata, an analyst at Credit Suisse, spotted the obvious: "The news of brisk PS3 sales in North America apparently had an effect on Sony shares."

Conversely, Nintendo shares dropped by 800 Yen (1.28 percent) to 61,700, while Wii remains widely sold out in the major territories worldwide.

For those that don't understand, Sony's doing 'aight'" --

MK_Red3952d ago

Same here :)
"Sony's doing 'aight'" Awesome news. Hope this trend continues.

PimpHandHappy3952d ago

when u see the trolls swarm this article please take a bubble!

on point

Good news if ur a big wig with Sony stock. Personly i can care less about Sony stock and all i really want is for Home to work like i want. If they make Home work the way we all want then you can bet Sony stock will gain more ground because more ppl will then buy the system

MGS GT5 Socom KZ2 will also help Sony stock

mighty_douche3952d ago

perhaps all year.....

anyway, enough sarcasm. sony sell more so their stock rises... hmmm thats not to obvious is it?

Astro3952d ago

This Holiday, Sony is going to do terrible in sales. Everybody knows that.

mighty_douche3952d ago

see i thought they might do ok. but you heard it here first, Astro says so and we all know thats basically the word of GOD around here.

PStriple7033952d ago

i didn't kno fanboys could read the future....

redmamoth3952d ago

... Shame they didn't see their RROD coming!!

ban fans3952d ago

Since, "Everybody knows that", why did you feel the need to tell us?

Because you know you are wrong, and just trying kick up crap.

Fact is, all the systems are going to hold steady, with the exception of the PS3, which should see a good growth rate due to the outlook of upcoming games, simple media attention (advertising), and ample supply (unlike the Wii and 360).

Jamaicangmr3952d ago

Thats the funniest Sh!t i've read all day. Bubbles for you man HA HA HA

PimpHandHappy3952d ago

please read my first post


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Bladestar3952d ago

Sony - Mission accomplished! That report they released yesterday saying that the PS3 boost sells by "nearly 300%" did the trick.

games4fun3952d ago

@bladestar i remember way back when, it was so important to talk about the companies share price and how great microsofts was and that sony's would fall now that thier share goes up it doesn't matter and its bs
also its not like microsoft says sh%t to improve thier standing with investors either.

the hipocracy is funny.

Bladestar3952d ago

ohh no... I am not saying that this is not important news.. I love listening about the market.. seriously.. I am not being sarcastic... I think you people already lost your ability to tell when I'm being serious... All I am saying is.. this is the direct result of Sony's press conference yesterday... you know the one about 300%... I do find interesting people got to excited due to a % figure without having any reference information nor the specific numbers...

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