IGN - The Mind Behind Dark Souls

IGN - Hidetaka Miyazaki is not a man who particularly likes being interviewed. He's perfectly personable, but also quiet and pretty intense, and he really doesn't like cameras. This wasn't much of a problem before Demon's Souls came out, when he was the director of a minor Asia-only game shooting for moderate success. But then that game took off across the world, propelled by a tidal wave of fan and critical adoration, and spawned a sequel that has rudely shoved his studio FROM Software into the spotlight as one of the most brave and unusual developers out there, not to mention a striking ambassador for creativity in the Japanese games industry. Suddenly, everyone wants a piece of him.

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Nevers2388d ago

Hidetaka Miyazaki, you are awesome. Can hardly wait for your next installment into the Soul's series.

Tex1172388d ago

I wonder what he will do next?

It seems he is going to take a break from the Souls series a little bit.

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